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 White Sage Spray near me
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 White Sage Spray near me white sage spray benefits

Mist - Protection Cleansing White Sage Spray | By Eshay Astro

  • 11.11


This rainbow glass atomizer spray head with tube bottle is  8ml of white sage spray created by Eshay Francois herself from Eshay Astro YouTube Channel. If you want a larger since this one is a mini bottle sold separately than you can purchase our 100ml / 3.5 oz bottle. 

* Since these bottles are sold separately we will randomly pick the color to send to you. 

* Eshay Francois has put her intentions into the spray mixture with the help of God, angels, and the Univeral energies. Drawing upon the ancient practice of white sage smudging for healing, ceremonial, and energy clearing work. And Native Americans were the first on record for using it in a ceremonial or ritual manner. For many of these cultures, white sage went by the name “Sacred Sage.” It was used to get rid of any unwanted persisting energies, to ask the spirits for blessings, prosperity, protection, and more

* I will attach a prayer with this package, to say when removing negative energy and/or you can say your own. 

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