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Stones - Meditation and Journal Manifestation Kit

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As an added bonus, we have created the “Lead Us To A Place” Meditation Kit and Journal, to accompany the book, for a real sensory experience!

This kit includes:

* 7 Healing gemstones, associated with the book for meditation, healing, and crystal work
* 20 Sacred incense cones and burner to set your mood and intention
* 3 – 0.5 ounce Angel’s Mist essential oils found in the book for creating your own “scent therapy” sessions
* Meditation Journal booklet to write in. create memories with and journal about your life experiences as they happen
* Organza storage bag to keep all your healing tools in


How does manifestation journaling work?

Journaling is a great way to express your thoughts on paper. It actually helps to releases negative energy by writing your pain and hurt down. You can write whatever you want down  BUT in a mediation manifestation journal you want to only write the things you want to manifest. Write down your dreams, your wishes, your goals and you do this as if you are saying Law of Attraction Mantras in the present tense. You use your essential oils with the crystals in this kit by holding one or place one on you. Then place another stone (based on what you are trying to manifest) on the paper you are writing on. Now let the words flow.  

For example: "I AM Smart" " I AM So happy for my new red car" and an even more detailed manifestation mantra would be:  "I Am so grateful for my new red car with black leather seats. I am happy to drive this new red car to see my best friend and etc."

The key to manifestation journaling is to feel like it has already happened, just like doing magic, or moon rituals or the law of attraction mantras except you are writing down on paper. Always invite God and your angels in these prayers for help and guidance, 

Essential oils (get about 5% $ back with Rakuten): 


MAGIC / INTENTION for Moon Energy:

New Moon & Full Moon Crystal Set (Receive & Balance Moon Energies):

CRYSTAL CLEANSE KIT (removing negativity):



We ask customers to please do your own thorough research when it comes to the usage of any crystal and/or mineral for your protection. Also to consult your physician 1st before using any holistic/crystal remedy. Your purchase states you fully understand this disclaimer. WARNING: Choking hazard, watch around kids. 

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