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Spiritual and Wellness Therapy
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Spiritual and Wellness Therapy

  • $ 99.00

Read the listing fully before purchasing, please know I am not a medical doctor and I do not claim to permanently cure any illness or disorder. Consult your primary medical professional if you are experiencing any maniac or intense mental concerns. Call Suicide Prevention Lifeline if you are feeling suicidal: 800-273-8255


This section is for psychotherapy 


1) Mental Therapy (1) session (is $99 for 35 mins): 

Mental Therapy is a form of therapy that helps to treat the mental health of someone, to learn about your emotions, behaviors, fears, thinking process, and anything else surrounding your mood. I offer holistic healing and other applicable advice based on your condition. Our session will be over the phone or email (write in the box, which method is more beneficial).

2) Spiritual (1) session (is $99 for 35 mins):

Spiritual Therapy will surround any questions you may have surrounding spirituality and any traumas linked to spirituality due to strict upbringing, I a Christian woman. I will assist you in not only a prophetic way but will incorporate science to help you understand God's plan for yourself. Please know that you can also, always, seek the Lord (Holy Trinty) on your own. He hears all of us, just accept Jesus Christ (his son) and the Holy Spirit into your life whole-heartedly. Now is the time more than ever! (Our session will be over the phone or email (write in the box, which method is more beneficial).


3) Express Your Concern (1) session (is $44.44 - email only):

Vent to me your issue/concern (via email only) and I will provide written counseling to you (this written dialogue will be about half a page long). I will do my best to assist you. 


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