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Personalized Saturn Healing Mantra Guide

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The source of many of our self-imposed restrictions can be found in the placement of the planet Saturn. The location of Saturn in a horoscope represents the area of life where we have to learn the greatest lessons. It is through these lessons that we grow and improve. Just like your least liked teacher in school, Saturn's lessons require hard work and self-discipline. In this section I will provide you with written details on what to use for a Personalized Saturn Prayer/ Affirmations. I will write a descriptive prayer for you based on your Saturn placement. You can ask one question based on Saturn or any question surrounding Saturn and it will also be listed in your report. Please allow about 3-5 days to produce this report. INSTRUCTIONS FOR CUSTOMER: In the "optional"comment section write your Full Birth Name, Date of Birth, Time of Birth, and Place of Birth (City and State). Write your 1 question in the box as well.

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