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Detailed Numerology and Astrology Report

  • 80.00

Read the listing fully before purchasing: 

* Numerology is the study of numbers and has been used for centuries. Numerology is any belief in the divine and its relationship with numbers which defines specific meaning. This detailed narrative (written) report can offer clarity and focus, it is an in-depth analysis of your personal numerology and astrology information. 

This 35 pages written report will include a breakdown of your Life Path, Your Birthday, Your Expression, Your Minor Expression, Your Heart's Desire, Your Personality, and much more. Again it will also include your astrological breakdown. You can ask 1 question (write in the box) also look below at the (*) for the type of question(s) I will not answer.

If you prefer a recording or video this will cost $10 extra, inbox me at

Please allow about 3-5 days to produce this report.

INSTRUCTIONS FOR CUSTOMER:  In the comment box write all Requested Information:  Full Birth Name (including middle name); Full Married Name (if it applies); Date of Birth; Birth Location (city & state); & Time of Birth.  


* I will not answer any death or criminally based questions. 

* Any questions I feel are unethical or illegal I won't answer. 

* Any questions such as: Will I be a millionaire, billionaire or etc. I will not answer.  

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