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Heal your emotions healing crystals

Stones - Moonstone

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*only 1 stone comes with the order. 

This stone has been referred to as Moonstone which honors the Goddess in all women. This stone helps women (and men) to be more comfortable with their gentler feminine/yin receiving side. This stone is also an excellent remedy for overly aggressive females or for men who need to connect to their more feminine/emotional side. Its connection to the moon has been documented for centuries. Because of its shimmering, glossy nature its color plays off the light as does the moon. Like the moon, as it waxes and wanes, this reflective stone allows us the lesson that everything is a part of the cycle of change.

Chakra Healing:   Sacral Chakra, Solar Plexus Chakra,

Medical Healing Benefits of Moon Stone: Balance emotions.

Emotional states are connected to the water element, which is connected to the cycles of the moon and tides and therefore, has a strong relationship to a women’s menstrual cycle. Therefore, moonstone is one of the best stones for soothing emotional stress and anxiety. Moonstone helps cool, soothe, and calm over-reactions to emotional and personal situations. It allows us greater flexibility and flows with life. Moonstone has been used for protection against the perils of travel. It encourages a lust for life, a youthful attitude, and helps us to become comfortable with the aging process and its transitions.

Large stone measuring 1″ to 1 1/4″. Each stone is different and unique. Andrew will choose the right one for you!

Essential oils:


MAGIC / INTENTION for Moon Energy:

New Moon & Full Moon Set:


We ask customers to please do your own thorough research when it comes to the usage of any crystal and/or mineral for your protection. Also to consult your physician 1st before using any holistic/crystal remedy. Your purchase states you fully understand this disclaimer. Choking hazard for kids. WARNING: Choking hazard, watch around kids. 

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