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midpoint report astrology
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Midpoint Sun, Ascendant and MC Personalized Analysis Report

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Read the listing fully before purchasing: 

A midpoint is the halfway point between any two planets, and any planet forming an aspect to a midpoint influences the way in which the two planets in question blend their energies. This report has sections for each house (which are sold separately). You can select any house you want me to analyze and interpret (in narrative form) but I suggest the 11th house. Since the 11th house are our hope and dreams. Planets in the 11th House show events regarding your role in society as a whole - or at least big chunks of it. You can review my YouTube Video explanation here: coming soon. Ultimately it is your choice. Now the “basic” option will get you a general breakdown based on your midpoints for the Sun, Ascendant and MC but the “detailed” report will break all signs, rulers, and degrees down to give you a clearer understanding.  

Please allow about 3-5 days to produce this report. INSTRUCTIONS FOR CUSTOMERIn the comment box write all "Requested info": Full Birth Name, Date of Birth, Time of Birth, and Place of Birth (City and State). Write in the box “What House” you want to us to focus on (only 1 house per sale). If applicable, write the 1 question you want me to analysis as well.


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