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Homostrology  Report
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Homostrology  Report Gay Astrology

Know ThySelf – Gay, Homosexual, Lesbian, LGBTQ Report

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Read the listing fully before purchasing:

This astrological report is designed as a guide for your growth and personal evolution in the New Age. PLEASE BEWARE THAT THE PRONOUNS/NOUNS USED TO DESCRIBE YOU OR YOUR LOVER MAY OR MAY NOT FIT THE RIGHT GENDER (Example: It may say him or her OR man or woman). Therefore, if the gender doesn’t fit you then simply fill it with the “gender” you refer yourself as and the gender(s) you tend to date. <If you are unsure about my explanation than inbox me at before you purchase>. To get a better understanding of these energies please review my YouTube Video: coming soon

This report provides a comprehensive analysis of the birth chart and includes suggestions on how to improve your life as well. This report analyzes issues of importance to adults, including marriage and sexuality. It provides a comparable list of signs that vibe with your energies. While also looking at any karmic ties you may have with certain signs/people. The ideas in this report are suggestions that can help your personal evolution. The subjects are approached from different points of view such as metaphysical, spiritual, nutritional and general. Please allow about 3-5 days to produce this report. INSTRUCTIONS FOR CUSTOMER:

In the comment box write all "Requested info": Full Birth Name, Date of Birth, Time of Birth, and Place of Birth (City and State).

If you prefer a recording or video this will cost $10 extra inbox me at

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