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Personalized Home Numerology Report

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Read the listing fully before purchasing: 

Everything has the energy and that includes your home address, the office number you have on your door at work (especially since most of us spend about 8 hours at work), or your Apartment Number on your door if you don’t own a home. This energy gives these spaces a personality that could be benefiting you or harming you. This report will give you a breakdown of your area of choice. It will also include some colors that will help boost this energy. If you have a street address that you want to be broken down click that option. For example:

The “Basic Home Number Report” will include the number on your Home or Apt NOT the full address which includes the letter. 

The "Full Home Street Address" will include the numbers on your Home or Apt. & your full address including the street name. 

The "Detailed Report & Ask 1 Question" will include the numbers on your Home or Apt. & your full address including the street name. And you can ask a question surrounding the energies of your home and etc. We will need the following information if you select this more detailed report. Write in the box the following: Full Birth Name, Location of Birth (city, state), the current location you live in now, and your Birth time.  

All reports are written. If you want a recording please inbox us at as this will cost $10 extra. 

Please allow about 5-7 days to produce this report. INSTRUCTIONS FOR CUSTOMER:

In the comment box write all "Requested info": Full Birth Name (including middle name); Full Married Name (if it applies); Date of Birth and Full Address. If applicable, write the 1 question you want me to analysis using both numerology and astrology. 

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