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Fertility Tea near me
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Fertility Eshay Astro Tea

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I’m sure it's difficult to go through a time in your life where you just want to bring a bundle of joy into this world but can't, due to reproductive issues. I deeply feel the pain of those couples and individuals who encounter infertility issues. This is why I, an RHIA certified, Health Information Professional (aka allied health care professional) have gathered the best organic herbs that may assist you along your journey. This beautiful mixture is to help with conception by promoting female reproductive wellness and hormone balance. 

Raspberry leaf: balances hormones and helps to prepare the body for ovulation when taken during the follicular phase. Red Raspberry leaf herbal tea increases fertility by strengthening the uterine wall to prepare it for a baby. 

Red Clover:  is estrogen's twin hormonally. Red clover helps to thicken the uterine lining, which leads to better implantation and increases your fertility

Alfalfa: helps remove toxins from your body that might lead to infertility. also boosts your immune system and prevents any infections that might affect conceiving.

Lady’s Mantle: is great for females with reproductive health problems. It helps increase progesterone levels which promote egg production.

Ashwagandha: helps enhance sexual energy and boosts the reproductive system. Helps couples get pregnant naturally by increasing fertility in both women and men. Also has a calming effect on the mind and body to help conceive.

Peppermint leaf:  is known for its delightful mint flavor and helps to boost the libido. 

Cinnamon: helps in absorbing glucose properly and prevent gestational pregnancy after conception. 

Spiritually this tea works well when working on your heart chakra and sacral chakra. At Eshay Astro, we want you to explore the various meanings of these energies. Therefore, the celestial bodies that resonate with this energy are the Moon and Venus (both are feminine planets). The numerology number that mostly aligns with this energy is 6 (the nurturer/ femininity). 

What Makes Eshay Astro Teas different: A special prayer/mantra is done over the teas based on their properties. Our products are made with love! You can also request a personalized mantra from us based on these issues and concerns listed in the article. 

How to Prepare Tea: Place the tea bag into a safe cup and add hot water. Cover the top and allow to infuse for about 3 to 5 minutes. Thereafter, allow cooling to your liking before drinking. For best results, should drink 2 to 3 cups daily starting on day 1 of your cycle, and stop during ovulation. Add sweetener of choice.  

Warning: Is not recommended for use with hormonal contraceptives. Stop using once pregnancy has been confirmed by a medical professional, and/or via urine test or blood test.


Caffeine Free. 


Serving Size: 1 Tea Bag

Total Bags in Package: 20



WARNING: Keep out of reach from children and pets. *These statements have not been evaluated by FDA and is not intended to cure, treat or prevent any diseases or etc. Always consult your doctor first before consuming any product(s).

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