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Customize Your Own Timberland Boots- Junior, Men, Women-101

  • 199.00

ALL Timberland BRANDS ARE AUTHENTIC (REAL) or money back! 
    • PLEASE READ ALL INFORMATION BELOW and in our Terms and Shipping Conditions section first.
    • This section is for customers to upload our images and/or their own image to the displayed boot. 
    • The primary shoe color is for Wheat (but you can select other colors-pics are These boots have gold spikes BUT if you only want the IMAGE and NOT the spikes that's fine it will be cheaper. (inbox us for further details-
    • The price displayed is if you add only one image to the tongue of the SPIKED Timberland boots. If you want to add fabric to the back it will cost  $15 extra, you must inbox us with this request.  
    • If you do NOT want spikes (the cost for just a print will be cheaper, inbox us for price.)
    • Our prices are competitively priced therefore please don't compare our prices with Etsy sellers because most sellers/designers on there are not credible designers. They don't offer warranties on their shoes and they don't sew on the fabric like we do. Most of those designers glue the fabric onto the shoes and use fake Tims. If you are looking for a discount please review and follow us on Instagram for new discounts or already listed discounts. 
    • If you are uploading your own personal image you MUST send the image to us via email (the image must be CLEAR and must be no smaller than 52KB. (Review all requirements before uploading image).
    • If you want an image added to the back or any other section of the shoes (Inbox us- we maybe able to fulfill this request).
    • The sizes are Youth-Grade/Men/Women sizes which are equal (we mainly use junior and/or men sizes). 
    • The prints will be sewn on to the shoes, we will try to produce a print exactly like the one you have designed BUT note there may be a small variation in where certain images are placed and shade compositions. 
    • Some shoes sell out quickly based on the demand as with any shoe store. You will be notified via email. 
    • If you have an additional design request for these shoes, such as, a different color, style and etc., please inbox us as we can place the prints on any shoes.  


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