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Cute hats
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Crystal Diamond Pattern Cute Hat

  • $ 24.44

 *Read my detailed updated blog on crystals titled: Crystals in the Bible

 The back area of this hat is white and is NOT covered in our crystal design. 

  • You can request a design through us via email. 
  • We can make a special design for you via email.
  • It takes about 12 days to produce an item, please be patient. If you are unable to wait the allotted time or longer due to COVID-19 then please reframe from placing an order at this time. 

Style: Baseball cap

  • Size: Adjustable cap circumference 57-60cm

  • Material: Polyester

  • Printing technology: Full cap printing with the thermal transfer process.

  • High stature hat to give you the uptown street fashion and style.

  • Easy to adjust: adjustable knot design at the back of the hat to fit all head sizes.

  • Heighten cap: Cap is heightened to give a much better ratio of the person's body figure, directly enhances the person's physical appearance.

  • Harden cap crown structure at the cap front uplifts the whole cap design, making the cap undeformable.

  • Flat straight brim: the brim is flat with hip-hop style.

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