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Candle - Chakra Pillar Candles

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Magic happens with these energy-charged Chakra pillar candles combining rich, pure essential oils with an affirmation and inspirational message. They are also accented with a beautiful Chakra Lotus Charm (view 2nd image displayed) that can be worn on any chain or necklace. These highly scented sacred candles are coordinated by color, emotion, and purpose geared toward stimulating the healing journey of the mind/body and its connection to our Chakra energy centers. Chakra healing candles

Chakra Color Meaning: 

  • Purple (Crown) - The Crown Chakra is where the spiritual magic happens this is where your conscious mind meets a higher self (superconscious)  and/or universal consciousness. This enables you to experience spiritual growth and be connected to the universe. Purple color presents- insight, clarity, wisdom, contact with spirits. 

  • Blue (Third Eye)- The Third Eye Chakra is opening your intuition, wisdom, awareness, and our sixth sense. Blue color represents-  focus, astral projection, will power, truth, and water element. 

  • Aqua (Throat) The Throat Chakra is to open the communication, creative expression. Your ability to understand and speak your inner truth honestly.  Aqua color represents- tranquility, peace, and spirituality. 

  • Green (Heart)-The Heart Chakra is to opening your ability, to be honest, empathic, loving, transform, and keep emotions balanced. Green color represents - growth, abundance, emotional healing, and acceptance. 

  • Yellow (Solar Plexus)-  The Solar Plexus Chakra enhances communication, meditation, clairvoyance, learning, wisdom,  healing, improves memory, mental stimulation, promotes happiness, and drives negative energies away and balances and cleanses the solar plexus chakra. Yellow color represents- joy, prosperity, understanding, and attraction.

  • Orange (Sacral)- The Sacral Chakra is linked to the emotional body, sensuality, and creativity. Its element is water and as such, its energy is characterized by flow and flexibility. Orange color represents- self-expression, intellectual matters, fun, and vitality.

  • Red (Root) - The Root Chakra is linked to the spine. It's located at the base of the spine. It provides the foundation on which we build our life representing safety, security, and stability. Imbalanced attributes would be scattered energies, anxiety, and fear. 


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