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Terms & Shipping Conditions


NEW POST (as of 4/14/16): We have been getting a lot of FRAUD attempted purchases from scammers. We will not process orders that appear as a HIGH RISK or FRAUD. Any orders that are shipped to P.O. Box or have an invalid email address and/or phone number will not be processed BUT cancelled. Also when Multiple Credit Card attempts have been made but have been unsuccessful the order will be cancelled.  DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME TRYING TO GET FREE ITEMS FROM US AS IT WILL NOT WORK!!!


Our Store Set-up

As it relates to how we order shoes, none of our shoes are kept in house. We order from creditable legit retailers (such as, Nike, Champs, Footlocker and etc.) With that being said, once you place an order we research the size and style of the shoes you requested. Sometimes the lining of the shoes and maybe the shoe strings may vary in color, but the entire design concept is the same. If the your size or particular style is sold out, we will send a picture of a similar shoe and ask "Are you okay with this shoe style for us to place the design on as the initial one was sold out." You can either say yes or no, if you say no you will get a FULL refund (process can take 5-9 business days). Note our credit card system is secure, meaning we cannot see your entire credit card information (so no need to worry if we have your information--- we don't- just the last 4 digits of the card number). 

  • Our prices are competitively priced therefore please don't compare our prices with Etsy sellers because most sellers/designers on there are not credible designers. They don't offer warranties on their shoes and they don't sew on the fabric like we do. Most of those designers glue the fabric onto the shoes and/or use fake Nikes. If you are looking for a discount please review and follow us on Instagram for new discounts or already listed discounts. 

Also with our brand name shoes such as Nike and Timberland you will see Junior or Men/ Women sizes listed on the same line; this means the shoe sizes are equivalent. Since these are name brand shoes that you can purchase at any mall, if you are unsure of the Youth /Junior or Men size you wear (because we mainly use Youth /Junior and Men sizes) then visit your local mall and try the size on before you make a purchase. Out of courtesy (as most designers do not offer this) we send pictures of your finished shoes after we are done designing them therefore, please provide us with an active email and please check your email frequently. You have 10  hours to let us know if you want us to add or remove something before we ship the item off.  So, if you have not responded to our email after 10 hours we will assume you are perfectly fine with your item(s) and will proceed with the shipping process.  NOTE: We suggest customer post their own comments/review about the products but typically after we send pictures most customers reply with positive comments via email so we will use most of  these comments (as you have written them along with your first name or part of your email name) and post them via our site and/or applicable sites. No personal demographic information will be revealed. 




 It can take USA customer about 3-8 business days after shipping before they receive their items. It can take international customers about 7-15 business days after shipping before they receive their items. The cost to ship items international will vary depending on the quantity of items purchased but the price will show up once you checkout (all customers must proceed to checkout- even if you don't complete the checkout, to see the cost of shipping for your item(s) ).  If customers are not able or willing to wait the allocated time or longer for their items we suggest you either EXPEDITE your order (review details in the next section below) or please wait for a better time to place order(s).

Also if customer need their items by a due date we suggest you give yourself an extra day or two as anything can happen in the shipping process (meaning USPS or FEDEX can lose a package or something else may occur during the shipping method that's not under our control). As long as we ship the item(s) off before the due date or request date and use a shipping method that states it will possibly be there by that date we are never held responsible for packages not being delivered on time. For example, If you state that you need an item by Aug 6 and we ship the item using a 2 day method (meaning the shipping service says it will get to you in 2 days) then we can ship the item off no later than Aug 4. Please be aware of dates and also give yourself extra time, especially around the holidays. Customers should also check their emails frequently as we send urgent emails about any shipping concerns that may occur. 

 NOTE: ALL INTERNATIONAL BUYERS: Please know what your duty/parcel fees are for items that are shipped from the USA. There may or may not be a fee that YOU will have to pay upon arrival so call your local Post Office center/ Customs (we mainly use USPS shipping). Eshays or any entities associated with Eshays is NOT responsible extra fees, stolen, lost or damage packages. We ship all packages with tracking and most packages have signature confirmation.

We ship items all over the world and can transform your custom vision into a reality, so all we ask is that you wait patiently for your item(s). 

You can always call via phone or email; review the "Contact Us" section if you have any additional question and/or concerns.  We will be getting an 1800 number soon for our international buyers. *** NOTE: All of our brand name shoes are authentic shoes or money back! Remember that you (only USA customers) can ship in your own shoes for us to place the design on for a cheaper price. 


EXPEDITE YOUR ORDER (faster service)

This service is for those customers who need their custom item(s) by a certain date and are willing to pay the additional fee. The fee to expedite an item, depending on the complexity of the design, is initially an additional $60 for one design (price varies based on the design). This fee will be added to an invoice, after your notification, on to your original order's grand total.  These fees will guarantee that your item is shipped in a timely manner. Please make sure to answer all emails and/or phone calls, as we may request additional information. Your delay can delay the shipping process.  



 Since about 96% of our items are custom made and we put a lot of time and money into designing the items while also sending pictures of the finished product to ALL customers, we cannot offer refunds. For items that are NOT custom made we will do a size exchange if the item has not sold out OR an in-store credit.

We do have a 30 business days (1 time) free repair guarantee. We know that unavoidable things happen; therefore we will repair any issues/concerns/damages that may happen to your custom shoes/accessories for free (only for the 1st repair) BUT you must pay to ship the shoes to us and we will pay to ship them back to you. All additional repairs will be charged according to the complexity of the repair. Therefore, for the FREE 1 time repair just re-mail us your shoe, within 30 business days from arrival date, and we will repair them and mail them back.* 

When you return an item due to a repair or a design change/request, you must contact us first before you ship the item back so we can provide you with the correct mailing address. Also we kindly ask that you ship the item back within 7 business days or you will forfeit the free repair and/or free design change.When you ship back you MUST provide a tracking number as this is the only way we can check the route and this helps avoid stolen packages. 


If you do not read what you are buying before you purchase (meaning read the description and store policy) there will be a 10% customer service fee deducted from the total cost of the order if we have to offer a refund for your negligence. For example: You make a purchase for a custom item that clearly states "Mail In Your Own Shoes" and you assume we will provide the shoe and design for the listed price. Or if you order a custom item and request in the note section that you want additional elements added but do not want to pay for the additional fees and we have to cancel the order due to you not reading the description and/or writing us before you place an order. (You need to email us first with additional request, although some descriptions have prices listed for additional request/designs). Also if you place an order and cancel it, this is considered an inventory charge and negligence on your end as stated most of our items are handmade and we sometimes purchase materials the second an order is placed. So if you avoid reading the pertinent information and following proper instructions this is an inconvenience to us and you are considered negligent. We do our best to provide customers with as much information as we can about the products but you must also do your part. If you want to discuss anything with us please do it before you order either via email ( or phone (773-492-6222). 



As with anything that is custom made, you should handle with care. Therefore, keep shoes wrapped in its box when it's time for storage. Don't do rigorous activities when wearing custom shoes (meaning no extreme sports, avoid getting them excessively wet and etc.). Customers are responsible for the up keep of their new custom shoes/items.  Certain shoes, particular the spikes and mirror shoes should be handled carefully to avoid any type of physical harm (meaning do NOT keep around children or animals or anyone whom could possibly get hurt.) All customers wear shoes/heels/etc at their own risk.  Eshays or any merging entity will NOT be held responsible for consumed material(s) or the inappropriate use of the custom item(s). 

CLEANING your Custom Cups: Most cups are made out of rhinestones and glitter. If you need to clean the rhinestones, we suggest you place a small amount of water or window cleaner on a Q-Tip and gently clean the stone. DO NOT WASH THE CUP IN THE SINK or DISHWASHER.

CLEANING your Custom Fabric Sneakers: You can gently clean the fabric on your shoes with a wet towel and a mild light (1 drop) of soap.

CLEANING your Mirror and Rhinestones Shoes: Using a soft cloth with alcohol and/or glass cleaner is the best way to gently clean mirrors and rhinestones. Do not saturate the shoe with the alcohol or glass cleaner as this will strip the glue that adhere the accessories, accents and/or embellishments to the shoe.

 With your purchase you confirm that you have read and agree with the displayed/listed Store Policy. We really appreciate your business and will do our best to make you happy.  If you have any questions feel free to call us as we provide a working business number for our customers unlike a lot of other websites. 

 ***Prices are subject to change at anytime without notice. 

 With your purchase you confirm that you have read and agree with the displayed/listed Store Policy. We really appreciate your business and will do our best to make you happy.  If you have any questions feel free to call us as we provide a  working business number for our customers unlike a lot of other websites. 

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