Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

                  Frequently Ask Question (FAQ)


  • 1) Do you ship to other countries?
  • Yes, we ship worldwide! But the shipping cost will vary, most international shipping is priced at a fixed rate of $33.00

  • 2) Do you glue, sew or paint most designs onto the shoes?
  • We mostly sew the designs onto the shoes and sometimes use paint. The sewing technique makes the design last longer.

  • 3) What payment methods do you take?
  • We take all forms of credit card payment & PayPal. We suggest if you want to get your order quicker to pay via PayPal as it deposits funds quicker which helps us start the design process quicker.
  • 4) How long does it take to get my custom order?
  • Each order/design varies. Every product listed has a detailed description on the estimated time it will take to design that particular item. Please review that exact listing of interest. (Also review our store policy about Holiday delays and etc.)

  • 5) How can I know how my custom design looks before you ship it?
  • We ALWAYS send pictures of the finished product. You can request as many pictures as you like. Please make sure your listed email address is accurate. Since we will mail out the product within 48 hours regardless of whether you respond to the email or not. (NOTE: If you respond stating you want us to change something, depending upon the request we will do our best to make the change).

  • 5) Are your brand name shoes authentic?
  • Yes! We use creditable stores and/or sites to purchase them from. You also have the option to mail us your own shoes. (Note: You can always spot a fake by entering the serial number from the shoes into the Official Brand’s website page or you can call that Brand’s Corp Office for further verification).
  • 6) What if something goes wrong with the product (such as if the fabric falls off or if paint cracks/peels)?
  • We offer a 30 days (1 time) free repair warranty for any custom shoe item purchased. For example: If a piece of the fabric rips off or lifts up or comes off after 30 days from delivery date we will repair the shoes at no cost to you. Email us first with the issue and we will do our best to address it. (Note: All fabric is sewed on but we know unexpected incidences occur.)

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