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Buyer Protection

                                                 BUYER PROTECTION
                                              (perks from buying with us):
  • We assure you that all the products you buy from our website are genuine, authentic products (meaning NOT Fake) or money back. The items listed are being sold at the best prices possible for a handcrafted custom item.


  • We offer a 30 days (1 time) free repair warranty for any custom item purchased.<excluding glass produces> For example: If a piece of the fabric rips off or lifts up or comes off after 30 days from delivery date we will repair the shoes at no cost to you. (Note: All fabric is sewed on but we know unexpected incidences occur.)


    • Take the time to read the description under the product(s) and our Terms & Condition Policy page. 


    • We send pictures of your finished item before it’s shipped, so please save our email address and check your email frequently. This is the time to let us know if you want to change and/or add anything. You can request as many pictures as you like. If there's no respond after 48 hours of us sending pictures then we will ship the item(s) off. 


    • We provide you with an active business number (displayed in the “Contact Us” section.)


    • We offer monthly discounts.


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