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About Us

 Updated 11/4/2020


Welcome to Eshays, LLC! Eshays is a multi-functional company that offers astro-numerology readings/advice and handmade apparel for men, women and kids.                                                  

Eshays sell uniquely crafted items: from matching apparel for dogs and their owners to the latest trendy styles for the fashionable woman, man and kids, while creating custom cups, as well as custom made shoes (from sneakers to wedding kicks). We pride ourselves on providing unique, trendy and quality items at an affordable price. We offer payment installments (via Sezzle) please read our policy on this matter. 

A Little More About Eshays’ History: 
Eshays has been in the fashion/design industry for over 10 years and we enjoy what we do. Eshays is a eCommerce store located in Chicagoland area.  Eshays passion is customizing shoes of all kinds, not just sneakers although we have grown to appreciate the comfort of a good sneaker with a hint of uniqueness behind it. Eshays is considered a one stop shop and we definitely strive to bring a unique flare to all our designs. As a customer we invite you to be fearless, bring all ideas to us so we can have the reward of producing something grand. 

More About Our Designs:
We use various techniques from drawing, painting to sewing, rhinestone strass work and much more when we are creating custom designs. All of our brand name sneakers are authentic OR money back.

What's Eshays Motto? 

What does ‘Stay Eshay’ mean? It means to stay authentically true to yourself, it represents the divine spiritual energy within us all, given to us by God the Creator of Heaven Earth and the Cosmos, it represents the creative individualistic beings that we all are, and it represents the love and unity that we all must have to live a peaceful and fulfilled life. Stay Eshay is Eshays'' slogan and motto.  


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