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3-Ply Thermosealed Disposable Face Masks

Custom Boots

In this collection you will find custom boots for men, women and kids. You will find Custom Spiked Timberland Boots, Rhinestone Combat Boots, Pearl Boots, and Winter Snow Boots. Also view our new custom feature: "Customize Your Own Shoes," here is where you can find unique prints and even upload your own print to the popular Timberland brand.

One of our most popular designs are the Glitter Timberland Boots. Everyone knows the Yellow Wheat color boot with its Tree Logo stamped on the outer sides of the boot. The Timberland brand was introduced as the go to waterproof leather boots and became a huge hip hop phenomenon in the 90s when rappers started wearing them in their music videos. We can't forget when H-Town came out with the sexy song "Somebody Knocking Rocking the Boots" and wore Timberland boots. 

(Remember to read the description and store policy). 


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