Why aren't shoes custom made for the wearer?
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Why aren't shoes custom made for the wearer?

Posted by Nicole Brown on

"With current technology it seems like we can mass-customize shoes fairly easily. Why is this not a trend?"

Actually this is a trend in the USA because there are so many shoe designers and shoe customizers out there. Though the cost can be expensive if one is using brand name shoes to customize on top of. I honestly think it maybe better to design your own pair of kicks. But the negative part about producing your own shoe brand is that you have to know what styles are trending and in demand. You have to have capital on hand to start the manufacturing of the shoes. You have to get a patent if you don’t want others to steal your idea. You have to be 100% sure that people are going to like and purchase your brand. The cost of this new sneaker brand most be cost efficient and you must see a ROI (Return On Investment) otherwise why be in business?

So now that I think more about it, after weighing the pros and cons, the best and most lucrative business move for small business owners is to customize cheap shoes (like Toms or Chuck Taylors) or off brand shoes in order to be a great profit. (In my opinion)

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