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What Are The Most Popular Wedding Wedge Sneakers for Cheap?

Posted by Lisa Smith on

A lot of women want to know how they can get that glam look on their Wedding Day without the pain of having to wear heels all night. Well Eshays, LLC have created a cute pair of White Wedge Sneakers with glitter, crystals, gems, jewels, pearl or whatever embellishment you want placed on them. These shoes can be designed for anyone but when we made them we thought of Brides to Be. We get a lot of women requesting a White Sneaker Wedge but it can sometimes be difficult to find their size when using major brands like Nike or...

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The Most Popular Wedding Sneakers -White Snakeskin Dunks Sky Hi Wedges

Posted by Ayesha Brown on

I have to say since we started designing sneakers for men and women especially women the White Snakeskin Croc Dunks Sky Hi Wedges seem to be the most popular. Although they are the most expensive too, maybe because these shoes are limited edition and women have to have them for their weddings. Ladies, I'm all about a cute sneaker but the Original White Dunk Ski Hi Wedges are just as cute and even better because they are less expensive. It's just something to think about when budgeting for your wedding. I  know since my wedding is coming up in July...

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