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Posted by Lisa Smith on

  “All that glitters isn’t gold”, so they’ll tell you, but we know all that glitters is attractive and that’s just all we need to know to own a pair of bling running shoes and rock them with pride. Bling running shoes are maybe the best pair of shoes to have in your collection for the versatility they bring to the table. High heels and pumps and great and all, but have nothing on bling running shoes in nearly all ramifications. Good-looking and sexy There’s hardly any pair of shoes more good-looking than a pair of glistening bling running shoes....

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Why aren't shoes custom made for the wearer?

Posted by Nicole Brown on

"With current technology it seems like we can mass-customize shoes fairly easily. Why is this not a trend?" Actually this is a trend in the USA because there are so many shoe designers and shoe customizers out there. Though the cost can be expensive if one is using brand name shoes to customize on top of. I honestly think it maybe better to design your own pair of kicks. But the negative part about producing your own shoe brand is that you have to know what styles are trending and in demand. You have to have capital on hand to...

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Glitter Shoes - Why Do Women Love Everything Sparkly?

Posted by Eshay Francois on

When it comes to Sparkle and Diamonds women love it all. Designers are now putting rhinestones and glitter on everything from rhinestone hats to rhinestone shoes to creating glitter Timberland boots and glitter t-shirts with your favorite logos or popular quotes. Is there any scientific studies behind why women and even kids love sparkly things? Well I think people have a theory about everything in the world! So here it goes: Some people say that since we are little kids we are drawn to objects that sparkle. Some say there are neurotransmitters in the brain that makes us excited when...

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Most Popular Prom Shoes And It's Not Heels!

Posted by Lisa Smith on

Teens have changed the game when it comes to bling sneakers and rocking them at the PROM. Girls want style and comfort and heels sometimes don't offer that. Why not get some Conver Chuck Taylors or Nike Blazers or Nike Dunk Wedges Blinged out to match your dress. You will be the talk of the night with custom kicks and  guess what ... your feet won't hurt doing it! So follow these trends with Eshays and join the prom sneaker movement:      

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How I Used Art and Fashion to Help Me Overcome the Effects of Sexual Abuse!

Posted by Ayesha Miller on

In the United States April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month (SAAM). During April people raise awareness about sexual violence and how to prevent it.  As a child, my mother would take me around her friends who had daughters and most of the time 2 out of 6 of those people would inappropriately touch me. The abusers were around my age, they were mostly girls. I guess I thought since they weren’t adults and they were of the same sex that it wasn’t considered abuse. I encountered a couple of guy friends around my age who also felt the need to...

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