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Beyonce and Jay Z Infidelity Lemonade Story- Is this Really the First Time?

Posted by Ayesha Brown on

  So by now everyone has heard Beyonce’s album and seen the visual album LEMONADE. I think Beyonce is a creative musical genius and performer but she is a push over. She reveals all these infidelity songs, speaking of adultery, abuse and insecurities in her marriage and members of her family’s relationship. I have to say I love the song “Hold Up” where she is breaking windows and cameras in the music video (so much anger is released). Now if you are a true Beyonce fan , like myself, you would know she wrote/sang a similar song about Jay Z’s...

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Beyonce and Blue Ivy Are Matching Twins, From Swimsuits to Dresses to Glasses to Nails!

Posted by Eshay Francois on

Since Beyonce gave birth to the lovely Blue Ivy, she has really been more open with her life, as she used to be extremely discreet. In the past year or so she has made music about her life from having a miscarriage to having relationship problems to revealing her mom's divorce and newly found love! I just want to say thank you Bey for being more attuned to what your fans want and being fabulous while doing it!.   Beyonce (33), JayZ (45), and little Blue Ivy (3) posted a recent picture to Instagram and Tumblr of the family taking a...

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