Breast Cancer Awareness Month- Breast Cancer Theme Shoes: By Eshays
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Breast Cancer Awareness Month- Breast Cancer Theme Shoes: By Eshays

Posted by Eshay Francois on

One method of artistry that we use in our designing process is drawing. We draw various images and themes onto shoes. For example, in the displayed pictures the heels have a Breast Cancer Theme displayed on it. This design was created for a young lady who is a survivor of breast cancer. I initially got this design concept from my grandmother who died of Breast Cancer about 12 years ago. In this design I wanted to illustrate the Breast Cancer Symbol which is a pink ribbon. I wanted to show that life can go on by drawing a tropical hummingbird sucking the nectar of a hibiscus flower (which represents life and courage in many cultures). The hummingbird symbolizes resilience, independence and ridding of negative energy. I used strong nouns like FAITH and HOPE in black color to exemplify the strength and boldness that one must have when dealing with such a terrible disease, such as Cancer. I have three butterflies on the outer lower section of the shoes which embodies grace, beauty and rebirth.


Breast Cancer Awareness


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