Chris Brown New Head Tattoo… What Were They Thinking? Top 10 Worst Cel
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Chris Brown New Head Tattoo… What Were They Thinking? Top 10 Worst Celebrity Tattoos!

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On today Chris Brown posted a new picture on his social media of his finished shaved head accompanied by a grand tattoo. This drawing of an overly sized woman’s face that’s tatted on Chris Brown looks to be an ancient Greek image from either of the following famous Greek sculptures: Venus de Milo or Aphrodite of Knidos or Venus de' Medici or Venus of Arles.

Most of the sculptures above resemble each other, but my question is What the F*ck Was He Thinking? Is Chris Brown trying to show that he is a dilettante or an art connoisseur? Aren't there other ways of showing your love for the art? Maybe one could visit Greece or explore the art culture via an art museum or get a tattoo on another body part. Chris you know your hair will grow back and right now your hair is NOT looking so good with a third of it shaved off!

When it boils down to it, its Chris Brown's head and he can do what he wants with it, just a bad idea to get it tatted on the head.... again another man trying to prove how strong he is by taking pain from the most delicate part of the body.

So here's a list of the Top 10 Worst Celebrity Tattoos!  (Starting from the worst on down).


1) Mike Tyson's tribal tattoo that's on the left side of his face. I just don't get it!


2) Gucci Mane’s hideous ice cream tattoo under his right eye.  Does he really love ice cream this much?   All I can say is brr it's cold in here!



3) PINK with her bar code tattoo. I know some people don't think anything is wrong with this BUT anyone who places a SKU code on them must consider themselves property. You are a human being not freaking property or a product for sell. 



4) & 5) Nick Cannon and Amber Rose tattoos of their exes. Everyone knows you should NEVER get a tattoo of a lovers' name or face on your body. People are just too fickle, especially in the entertainment industry! Show your love in another manner, such as, gifts or trips or my favorite jewelry. How does a person's name on your body show you love them any more? Well we see from Amber Roses' and Nick Cannon's mistake, they both had to revert to the big cover ups

6) T-Pain tattoo of a Facebook "thumbs up" icon. Really T-Pain who does that wow? Now we know how much power and influence Facebook has on the public. 


7) Now this tattoo should actually be number 2 but we will just place Cheryl Cole right here due to the lack of space above lol. What was she thinking? That tattoo must have hurt, look how huge it is. She's too pretty for that horrible tattoo. WHY?????



8) Miley Cyrus’s lip tattoo of a sad crying cat that we can’t really see. What’s the point of this again?





9) The model Cara Delevingne has gotten her 1st tattoo ever and her tattoo of choice was a lion. She peculiarly wanted it placed on her index finger. Well at least she can easily hide it. She still looks good though!


10) Lena Dunham has houses from the children's book Eloise on her back! Um can I say NO!


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