Why is Taylor Swift WINNING? She's the It Girl in the Music Industry..
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Why is Taylor Swift WINNING? She's the It Girl in the Music Industry..... Why?

Posted by Lisa Smith on


Does Taylor Swift have something that other stars don’t have? I mean she’s gorgeous, she’s smart, she’s thin, she can SING her butt off but I have to say she cannot dance! What is it that keeps us talking about her? Why has she been winning so many awards, so many that she makes other A-listers like Kanye, Beyonce and Nicki so jealous?


Taylor has a huge fan base and can sell out arenas in an amount of hours. She has uplifting songs which she WRITES HERSELF! She empowers not only teeniboopers but women in their 20s and 30s. What have we forgotten about Miss Taylor? We have to remember that Taylor has conformed to the majority in the music industry as she started her career as a country singer and now she’s a huge POP star. So can we say that Taylor is being TRUE to herself and her fans? She used to play the guitar and wear plaid shirts now she has bone straight hair and wears leotards or short shorts trying to twerk in videos and on stage…. which she doesn’t do so well!  Can we say… people evolve in life and change? Can we say people grow into the person they should be and no one stays the same? Or can we say money talks and an innocent country singer from Nashville, Tennessee is doing what she has to do to stay relevant?

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