Rihanna Vs. Nicki Minaj: Who Wore The Bejeweled Outfit Better?
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Rihanna Vs. Nicki Minaj: Who Wore The Bejeweled Outfit Better?

Posted by Eshay Francois on

As you know we LOVE fashion and have designed a few jeweled bras and bustier before (See Below).

I am Eshay Francois, the primary designer at ESHAYS. The first time I saw a Jeweled Bling Bra was when Selena Quintanilla and Madonna wore them performing on the big stage back in the 90's and I had to make one. Unfortunately I don't have any pictures from the 90's to show those creations but let me say I have improved over the years (lol). 



Now let us discuss the Rhianna and Nicki bejeweled battle!  Let me first say this comparison is all out of fun, as we love both ladies. Both Rhianna and Nicki are beautiful, talented and rich. Rihanna  was in Barbados riding a float for the Kadooment Day parade on Aug. 3rd, rocking a sexy cuffed jeweled teal colored bra paired with a matching bikini bottom. She accessorized with a Victoria Secret look alike wings and a Bling cup.

Nicki Minaj's was in Toronto, Drakes Hometown, at her Pinkprint tour performing hard in her gold jeweled ensemble. Nicki accessorized with gold fringe shoulder pads and sexy thigh high gold boots with gems and jewels at the top.

Now in my ruling the WINNER is Rhianna…… I loved ALL the accessories Rhinanna was rocking from the neck jewels to the feather hat and my favorite out piece out of Rhianna’s outfit was the wings. It didn’t hurt that teal/turquoise is my favorite color. So congrats to Rhianna for wear Eshays favorite bejeweled outfit of the year 2015! WHAT DO YOU THINK?

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