What is Drake and Meek Mills Beef all about Any Way?
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What is Drake and Meek Mills Beef all about Any Way?

Posted by Lisa Smith on

As most of you already know, about two weeks ago, Meek revealed on Twitter that Drake uses a ghostwriter to write this music. Now as it relates to the culture of hip hop, having a ghostwriter to help write your music insinuates that you are not a talented artist and that you probably should NOT be in the RAP GANG. Although artists in other genres always get assistance from producers and other writers, it’s still NOT quite the same. I mean to be a singer you MUST or SHOULD already have talent (meaning know how to sing). For a rapper to use a ghostwriter means anyone can be a rapper, even me! All I have to do is have some swag, maybe look a little attractive and remember some lines.

Now, I am a huge fan of Drakes (I adore him) but why is this man getting into it with so many artists? Drake has gotten into feuds with JayZ, P-Diddy, Nicki Minaj, Chris Brown and now Meek Mills…. wow man….and hasn't he done a song with all of these artist. How are you making music with people than you an issue with them?  Maybe it’s about power and egos or maybe Drake is trying to prove "This Canadian Boy is No Punk.”

I have to say the Meek Mills and Drakes collaboration on the song R.I.C.O. is HOT! You got to give it to Drake; it seems like all the songs he features on he blows it up. My favorite verse on R.I.C.O is Drakes' part "Madonna’s is a ting I know it and I’m the king of pop I’m building Never-Never Land. How you hate me when I never met the man?" 

Even if Drake is not writing his own music he has an awesome writer, so I hope that writer is getting PAID $$$$!



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