Hottest Soul R&B Artist of the Year (2015)- Jhene Aiko
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Hottest Soul R&B Artist of the Year (2015)- Jhene Aiko

Posted by Lisa Smith on

For those who don't know who Jhene Aiko is, you are sleeping! I found out who she was about 3.5 years ago, although she has been in the music business for over a decade. The first song I hear from Jhene is “JULY” featuring Drake, it was something special about her voice.

Jhene Aiko didn’t have it so easy trying to become a huge star. She was signed to EPIC records at 12 years old under B2K’s label, but things didn't pan out like she expected. She remained dedicated and humbled then almost 12 years later she built a huge FAN base on YouTube. She released an independent CD called “Sailing Out” for the world to hear. She wanted to see how others would accept her style, sound, and lyrics. She got an overwhelming responds, from so many aspiring singers doing Jhene’s Cover songs to Def Jam signing her to their record label. She has featured on many artists’ songs from Kanye, Big Sean, Omarian and many more.

I love Jhene Aiko so much because she is an awesome vocalist, writer and visionary artist (she paints a picture with her words and soft voice... she speaks from her soul). She also talks about real life issues. I still haven't seen her LIVE yet in concert, unfortunately I missed her when she performed at Chicago’s House of Blues, but I will still be searching to see when she’ll be back.

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