Who is Kylie Jenner Dating Now After Her Split from Tyga?
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Who is Kylie Jenner Dating Now After Her Split from Tyga?

Posted by Lisa Smith on

 Kylie is dating a new man PartyNextDoor the Rapper

Kylie Jenner is fresh out of a break up with her ex- rapper boyfriend Tyga. Kylie and Tyga were dating for about 2 years but it hasn’t even been a month since the breakup that Kylie is now reported to be dating a new man.  This new boo is allegedly older, a rapper/ singer and black. Reports say this new man’s name is Jahron Brathwaite, aka PartyNextDoor. I actually heard a few of his songs on Pandora, nice work. Maybe he will be more successful and richer than Tyga. PartyNextDoor is from Canada and he’s on Drake’s record label.

Some people always questioned Tyga and Kylie’s relationship due to the huge age difference which is about 7 years, but also because he isn’t as wealthy as the KKKs like their men to be, allegedly! PartyNextDoor is stated to be only four years older than Kylie, which isn’t all that bad. My first real boyfriend was 25 and I was 19.

Celebrities love to post their lives on social media and the romance rumor started when PartyNextDoor posted a picture of his and Kylie’s matching diamond-encrusted watches. He captioned: ‘Diamond battles with @kyliejenner.’ HOW CUTE!!!!! So of course the world is going to take this picture and run with all the possibilities their little minds can envision.

Well for those who didn’t know who the hell the PartyNextDoor was I’m sure they know now. Thanks Kylie for making these unknown rapper/singers popular, shit thank you Kardashians!

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