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ℒ ℰ 𝕆 ♌️ WOMEN Personality Traits! • Sex, Best Careers and How to Attract a Leo Woman ♛

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Leo is ruled by the Sun and is a Fixed Fire sign so this is where the confidence and stubborn traits come from. Leo women can be playful, self-expressive and creative. The women are very good at making their homes uniquely stylish. They will learn how to refurbish an item and make it elegant.

They are loyal friends and lovers. Leo women enjoy being the life of the party they crave attention. But try and see if you can make a Leo conform to something they despise. You will get dismissed, they want to be the ruler of their own lives and will proudly learn from their own mistakes. Those with strong Leo energy will tend to have big dreams and are very persistent to fulfill those goals and dreams. On the contrary, Leos will need to learn they aren’t always right and sometimes they are be too blunt and loud.

When it comes to LOVE; when a Leo woman is attracted to someone she doesn't mind catching her prey (going after what she wants is easy breezy). The Leo woman's sex game is filled with passion and maybe even a strip tease (especially if there's mirrors in the room, so she can see herself dancing) she'll really get turned on.

So how can you attract a Leo woman? First give her lots of compliments, help her with her crafts, listen to her dramatic stories and lastly party hard with her. Now what type of careers are highly suitable for the Leo Woman: A job where she's admired and praised, Actress, Event Manager, Educator, Motivational Speaker, Talent Scout and Designer of some sort and Your Own Damn Boss.


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