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Where to Get Bling Hair Salon Supplies?

Posted by Lisa Smith on

Everyone knows that going to the Hair Salon and Spa is our escape from the everyday crazy world and time to relax. But we also want to relax in style and if you come across a DIVA shop similar to Eshays Boutique you want to replicate some of those posh moments/elements at home. So if you are a fashionista and would love to have your very own Bling Rhinestone Crystal Salon Tool Kit you have come to the right place.   

 Before hair straighteners, there were irons. We don't mean flat irons--we're talking about the get-the-wrinkles-out-of-your-clothes kind of iron. Gals in the olden days would actually lie with their hair splayed out on the board and get their hair ironed, if they were lucky enough to have a friend who would help. With no friend around, there were some pretty interesting contortion tricks happening. Well, we've come a long way, baby! Now we can get those smooth, frizz-free, healthy-looking tresses without having to decide if we should put the setting on cotton or delicate.

Do you want to know more about Eshays Bling Crystal Flat Irons, Bling Hair Straighten Comb and Crystal Bedazzled Brush? Well: 

 100% extra high grade ceramic that generates far-infrared heat

Far infrared heat locks in moisture with each pass

Ergonomic body with easy grip heat-resistant handle

Ready to use in 10 seconds

1.25" W floating plates

Adjustable temperature ranging from 140 °F to 450 °F

Allows for absolute temperature control to match any hair type

Perfect for super slick straight hair, soft voluminous waves and tight spiral curls




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Where to Get Bling Hair Salon Supplies?
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