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What is Vertex in Astrology? Meeting with Destiny or Fateful Encounters in Life.

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Have you asked yourself any of the following questions: Why can’t my business do well, why do I keep meeting the same type of people or friends, is my relationship destine? Well these are all fate and destiny type of questions and the Vertex is connected with karma and fate. The Vertex represents characteristics, attributes, qualities and skills to be cultivated in this lifetime through the demand and merging with other people. The Vertex acts as a magnetic point in the chart that ‘pulls’ you towards the entities that’s related to the house and sign it’s located in your natal chart. (I have placed a link to a site where you can pull up your vertex but if you want full details on aspects of the vertex in your natal chart click that option below and I’ll generate one for you).

The vertex can represent a person coming into your life to help you see or learn something that you would don’t have learned from anyone else. They change your life forever, you will never be the same. Now don’t get it twisted, these energies can be good or bad (which will be depicted by the aspects). It also depends on your mind set and how you look at things, meaning you turn the negative into a positive.  Overall it’s an intense life lesson that can be blissful, short lived or long lasting. I will be doing a brief video on the Vertex in signs and houses, so look out for those.


How Is the Vertex Activated:

  • Transits- The transiting aspect that is mostly to be observed is the conjunction, and slow moving planets are the ones that will mainly influence the native’s life. (Eclipse conjunct your vertex point within 5 degrees- this is definitely life changing events).


  • Thru other people (synastry)- it is responsible for major changes, especially in relationships, births, and deaths of people. It can also be important in business partnership beginnings or endings. < When looking at others chart thru synastry look at their Sun or Ascendant see if their degree is within 5 to 8 degrees from your Vertex degree>. This indicated life change relationships.

Some astrologers do not believe in or look at the vertex because they don’t feel it’s important but let me tell you it is important. I have met some not so good relationships that was very painful but that taught me a lot.

I meant the love of my life who is now my husband. My husbands’ Sun is at 3 degrees and my Vertex is at 3 degrees. This was considered destiny and another indicator is that his Chiron is in the 4th house, so his Chiron 4th house trauma was “being the only child” and having the only child syndrome. I was able heal that wound by having our first child together. Now I was never the type of woman who cared if I had children, I mean if it happened great but it wasn't a wish. And another thing regarding our child is that his Sun is also at 3 degrees, which means he will change our lives some way and we will also change his life. Lastly, my Chiron is in the 9th house. With Chiron is in the 9th house, one of my traumas was the lack of travel in my life and my husband helped me explore many cultures and countries. He and I have traveled the world together. So look in your chart and see where the vertex lies. Now the vertex activation happens sometimes during transits, but it can take a while to realize or see the results so there isn’t a thorough report for this but you can get a Personalized Vertex Report or Astro Soulmate Synastry and Numerology Report from me here:

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