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What is an Animal Totem- Spirit Animal? What's Your Soul Animal?

Posted by Ayesha Miller on

Can you have more than One? How can You Find It?


Find your Spirit Animal here:

2nd Way to find your Spirit Animal is to download the app: Horoscope plus (look for article titled:


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A totem is a spirit being or symbol of an individual. Both a totem and animal spirit represent the traits and skills you possess. This animal or animals are guides to protect you on your journey in life.

To find out what your spirit animal is, you can pay attention to your dreams if you have been dreaming about certain animals. Find out what the symbolic dream is all about by doing your research or speaking to a dream interpreter. Or you can listen to intuitive readers on Youtube (especially the ones who pull spirit animal cards based on the month you were born. This is actually how I find out that one of my Spirit animals is an Owl and how this owl is going to be very symbolic in my life for the next 7 months and I got a 2nd confirmation of this animal being my totem animal when I took at quiz at (click the link below).  My second spirit animal is a Deer and I saw one as I was walking to my office (review my story by clicking the link below). Ironically about 3 days after I got a popup on my phone from a Horoscope app I downloaded called Horoscope Plus and it had an article titled “What Spirit Animal Guards Your Heart Take the Quiz? So, I quickly clicked on it to see what the results would be and it was a Deer (I was like wow I just saw a deer 3 days ago). So, with me, I like to get at least 2 confirmations of anything to confirm its validity.  Also, each animal will symbolize something different. 


So, if you were questioning if you can more than 1 spirit animal or totem yes you can. As we evolve by learning certain lessons in life our animal guides will also change to represent our newly found traits. No this doesn’t mean that your old totem will leave you, you will always have a part of it in your heart and soul.


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