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What Does Seeing a Frog Mean? Frog Spirit Animal Totem

Posted by Ayesha Miller on


As I was leaving out a barber shop getting my sons first hair cut on 7/17/19 at about 11:47a, I encountered a baby frog hopping through the door. He was so tiny my husband almost stepped on him. So, I quickly grabbed my phone, to record but during the Mercury retrograde all my data got destroyed, but here’s a picture of how the mini frog looked.  

The date I saw it equaled 25 breaking down to a 7, which means being a problem solver by accurately analyzing situations using your intuition, spiritual awareness, diplomacy skills. The time I saw the frog equals 13 which means working diligently to fulfill a bigger purpose while staying authentic and true to yourself. It’s also about building a strong and secure foundation for your future.

You can be working so hard towards a goal or project that you that’s all you see. You are juggling so many projects and you can become overburden. You can be a workaholic and there can be demands placed on you. Please know it’s okay to relax a little, but also know that you are almost near the end.

There are more than more than 350 frog species. So, I'll give a general explanation of what it means to see a frog and a baby frog. Since the frog I saw was small and those new mini "tiny" frogs that are popping up all over the internet are only located in Madagascar and I reside in Chicago. So, I must have seen a baby frog and not a mini frog.

Nonetheless, frogs symbolize abundance in all levels (from prosperity, wealth, friendship, and fertility). It represents rebirth and transformation. Some cultures believed frogs help the planets grow by telling the Gods to rain.

When you come across a frog especially on multiple occasions it's telling you that they are here to help you swim easily through some tough life changes. They want you to build a strong intuition by building a solid relationship with your spiritual self and/or higher source. Because in the future, you will need to use and follow your instincts. Therefore, you want to be able to trust that your intuition is accurate. Also, frogs mean to detox, so if you see one it can mean getting rid of toxic things in your life. The toxic things in your life can be unhealthy food, unhealthy relationships, alcohol, negative thinking and etc.

 Now the frog I saw as about 10mm big, so it was a baby. And seeing a baby frog can mean you are in the beginning stages of developing something that is going to bring you abundance. It could also mean a little bundle of joy is coming.  

If a frog is your animal totem you can be a positive person who’s able to listen to others and give good advice. The shadow side is you can stick your nose into other people’s affairs providing unsolicited advice, so be careful about that. Also controlling your emotions (since the frog is a water creature) it will be extremely important to practice some meditation techniques to detox and cleanse your mind, body and spirit. This will create a better life for you overall.



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