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What does it mean when a loved one is born on and or dies on your birthday 💝 Is it Good or Bad

Posted by Ayesha Miller on

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Our birthday are something that’s unique and the month and day you were born holds as such weight as the full birthday. So the odds of another person in your family or someone close to you being born on or dies on your birthday is about a 1 in 365 chance when we are talking about the exact birthday and the odds are decreased if we talk about the same month and day (meaning there’s more of a possibility that someone can be born or die on your birthday – looking at only the month & day). I will give a few meanings why this happens and even my own personal reason since I share a birthday with my niece, my great grandmother died on my birthday and my husband shares a birthday with my father. As it relates to spirituality we all hold our own personal relationships with the higher source therefore you will need to examine deeper what your perception is and how it correlates.

Often our journey brings us full circle, leaving us to wonder why things happen. In many ways this sharing of birthdays is like a rebirth a transformation in relationships . If you are close with the other birthday holding you can build a bond with that person, view your similarities and differences you will be intrigued by what you learn For example, before I meant my husband I told my dad I hoped to meet a man like him. Who knew my now husband would have the same birthday as my dad, be business savvy like my father and a provider like my father. But of course there are traits my husbands has that I wish my father had, one being to be more family oriented to have a deeper relationship with his children.

Another reason is there can be a soul connection. A soul connection is when two people feel they are linked on a soul level as if they knew each other in a past life. There are many types of soul mates: from past life partners to twin flames (but I believe these can represent a lover, best friend or family members (typically these type of soul bonds are helpful relationships that guide you in this life in a peaceful or helpful manner). Then you have a soul debt (which are relationships you need to settle a debt or promise with). Some people may call this a soul contract or karmic relationship. Remember karma can be good nor bad it’s just a cause and effect energy. But these relationships can allow you to see your flaws and learn your life lessons on a more challenging level.

So as I mentioned earlier about the sharing of the birthdays representing change and transformation. At this moment I am not talking to my sister (who gave birth to my niece on my birthday) and I’m not talking to my dad. The irony in this is that the Universe has connected us in some way because my sister will always remember me when her daughter’s birthday comes around and the same for my husband/dad birthdays. To me, I intuitively feel that these are the relationships from a past life that I’m supposed to mend in this lifetime. Now what is your heart whispering to you about your shared birthday, please leave your comments below. Now as far as someone you love or know dying on your birthday like my great grandmother. This can mean that your birth hold a strong power, you may want to look at the numerology surround those digits. Don't be sad or think that its bad luck, it's the total opposite. Say a little prayer or meditate in that person’s honor when your birthday comes around.

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