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What Does An Owl Symbolize? Owl Totem Spiritual Meaning

Posted by Lisa Smith on

I was listening to this powerful light worker on Youtube by the name of Joanna the Medium and she mentioned how to let go of things in your life that represent lack and to no longer be driven by the energy of lack. She mentioned to be more comfortable with change and a new way of doing things. She stated that the Owl Totem is going to be associated with me and my energies for the next 7 months. By using this Owl symbolism of being able to see from a 360 degree prospective it’s going to be beneficial. Now sometimes owls symbolize your hidden emotions because they are messengers of secrets. The owl is linked to the moon, magic, mystery, wisdom of the soul and ancient knowledge.

The spiritual meaning for the owl is the wise clairvoyant creature who can see the truth by looking beyond illusions. The Bible describes the owl as being a symbol of intelligence, intuition, change and wisdom. American Indian tribes believed the owl represented death (either literal death, bad health OR figuratively a transformation and death of a situation).

If you are dreaming about owls this could mean something positive or negative depending upon what the owl was doing, what color was the owl, what type of owl was it, what time of day it was and etc. Generally, it can mean you have inner wisdom

If you dreaming about owls I am curious to know if you have any astrological transits going on with Neptune or Pluto? If you are unsure how to find your transits, just click the link below and put in your birthday, time of birth and birth location in and under the Transit section put the date and approx. when you experienced the dream. Then scroll down and look at any aspects to Neptune and Pluto and write them in the comment box for my review. 


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