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What does a Jellyfish Represent? Jellyfish – Spirit Animal, Symbolism and Meaning

Posted by Lisa Smith on


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So, as I see symbols and experience things I post my thoughts on them. Now I was doing a video on How to Open the Sacral Chakra (which deals a lot with your sexual senses and sexual wounds that we have suffered from).  I was looking for a cool Orange image, since orange is the color for the Sacral Chakra and I cam across this cool image here:

It is an orange colored Jellyfish and I thought it looked so unique, quite beautiful. I was curious want the beautiful water creature symbolized. The jellyfish is an exotic and adaptable creature and it thrives in the most adverse conditions. Jellyfish symbolize tranquility, faith, intuition, peace and sensitivity.

So, if you were also thinking about getting Jellyfish tattoo this would be very symbolic.

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