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🐱 What Does A Cat Mean Spiritually? Seeing Cat (s) Symbolism

Posted by Ayesha Miller on


I was walking out my door and saw two black and white cats (A mom and her kitten by my car) I hurried and grabbed my camera……. Before they frantically ran across the street we had a stare off. Cat are nocturnal animals so seeing two of them in the morning standing by my car was interesting. I’m allergic to cats so I never had one as a pet plus I always thought of cats as being sneaky, mystical and snobby like. Cats symbolize rebirth and resurrection (since they say cats have 9 lives). But if you have seen a cat, especially on multiple occasions this can mean change is approaching and it’s time to get on board and take risk. Don’t be afraid of change or taking a risk, just make sure you thoroughly review the project or idea for any hidden clauses. Especially since cats can see well in the dark this means you should also have piercing sight to look for any concealed substances.   

Cats do not appear in the Bible and the only two specific cats mentioned is the lion and the leopard. But most people back in the biblical days believed cats were of Satan’s work since a lot of witched owned them. So, if a witch was found committing a demonic act the cat was hung next to their master.

The Cat Totem represents patience always waiting for the right moment to act. Being able to heal itself from the inside out. It has a curious nature and loves to explore. Protective of self and love ones. It is also intelligent and knows when to take the corrective action.

In Buddhism

Buddhists see a cat’s body as a temporary resting place where souls of spiritual people rest.

Egyptian Culture- believed cats were pure and good fortune animals that brought blessings. Egyptian Godest highly adored their so much so that when a cat died they mummified mice with the cat so it could have a great meal.

In Southern China, they believe cats can scare away harmful and negative spirits since they believe cats can see ghosts and spirits.

Now different color cats mean different things.

The BLACK and WHITE Cat I saw are friendly, however they tend to wander off if a close eye is not kept on them, but overall, they are of good-natured and calm. They also represent the need to relax and have fun instead of always focusing on work and task.

Some believe that the BLACK cat represents magic, the dark side, and evil BUT black cats can also mean protection from bad things even illnesses.

The WHITE Cat represents strong spiritual energy and good things will occur future through their pure spirit.

The ORANGE Striped Cats are very energetic and are extremely brave. They are considered the Fearless Go-Getters. The people who attract this cat are those who are trying to make major changes in the world.

What do GREY cats symbolize changes and can bring hope to our situations by helping us understand our spiritual problems. It’s all about self-improvement.

And if you have been dreaming about cats according to Spirit Animal Totems website: “a cat dream highlights your feminine sexuality, independent spirit, creativity, and power.” To get more details click the links below:

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