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What Does A Ant Mean Spiritually? Are Ants Good Luck?

Posted by Ayesha Miller on



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I was walking in an open area and as I was walking inside a building I felt something crawling on my forehead than it went down my arm and as I brushed it off me I noticed it was a black ant. I’m not sure how or when the ant fell on me, but I had to know the meaning. Now lately the Universe is trying to move me closer to my life purpose whether I like it or not. We in life have free will but when you are constantly trying to force something to work and6tt you know you have put 150% into a project, a job, a relationship and nothing you do works. It’s a sign from the Universe that you need to try something new and it’s time for a change. Most of us hate change and I know with me, when I put my all into something I try to find other methods; I want to keep pushing because I feel like I have invested my time and money but after 10 years of the same thing it’s time to start fresh. Yet starting something from scratch and building from the ground up which can take month, years or even decades can be really scary.

Now, as most of us know, Ants are exceptionally strong and fast. They can carry 10 to 100 times their own body weight. They are considered the 3rd strongest insect, with the Leafcutter ant ranking #3 on the Top 10 Strongest Animals… beating the Gorilla, Tiger and Elephant. A lot of cultures consider Ants to mean good luck, fortune and wealth.

Ants symbolize strength, willpower, honesty, patience, determination, sacrifice, and loyalty. If the ANT is your spirit animal, it symbolizes the ability to keep everything in order by proper planning, having self-control and being a fighter. You are a decision maker who loves to work on a team and build strong communities.

If you are dreaming of ants there are multiple interpretations based on the amount of ants you say the color of the ants and etc (please click the article below if you want specific answers).

Ultimately the ant was reminding me that nothing comes easy in life without putting any effort towards your new project. We all have to start someone I life and there’s a 1st time for everything, we wasn’t born knowing how to talk we had to learn and train. So if you have been afraid to start that new project just know the universe has your back and think of how patience and strong the ANT is.





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