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The Real Reason You Are Seeing Numbers ⓵ ʕ•́ᴥ•̀ʔ Animals Constantly? Deep Analysis!

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The Song that Suits this Energy

 There are two songs that resonate with this energy Tobe Nwigwe TRY JESUS and Erykah Badu Orange Moon . 

Tobe Nwigwe TRY JESUS - Is a spin on “laying these hands,” which is listed in the Bible as anointing and praying over someone, when in despair or etc. But what I think Tobe is trying to say is: How much do we have to go through? How quiet and humble does a culture have to be until we snap and actually stand up, say something, and MAKE A CHANGE, even if that change results in me putting my hands on you. There has been too many cases where people of color have faced injustice and simply weren’t doing anything (I'll name a few people if you care to hear): George Floyd and Breonna Taylor just to name a few. The most powerful part of the song which he actually combined with his other song called EAT, on the BET 2020 Awards was: “Try Jesus, Not me, 'Cause I throw hands, Try Jesus, Please don't try me, Because I fight.”

“Shining, I illuminate the rooms that I'm in, timing
Lowkey ain't more crucial than alignment
That's why the flow is intertwined with both and I'm defiling ........”

Now, BY NO MEANS am I condoning violence, but if someone smacks you on one cheek are you going to say please slap me on the other? See if we all could respect one another for our differences, love each other more than hate, then NO ONE would have to think about defending themselves. This song also shows the characteristics of Dr. Martin Luther King vs Malcom X back in the 50s and 60s.

Tobe Nwigwe TRY JESUS

Erykah Badu Orange Moon song resonates with the entire energy of this topic. This song talks about how good it is to be in love and spiritually free. Some people say the song is “being able to see and appreciate the true beauty of another soul. “And others say the (orange) Moon referenced in this song symbolizes women and wisdom. The Sun, represents the symbol of the male, knowledge, the truth, and the light. The points around the sun symbolize the expanding consciousness.” The 'orange' moon is a reflection from the Sun (God head). I will leave a link of the song and lyrics, but the most powerful part of the song is:

“I'm an orange moon
I'm brighter than before. Brighter than ever before, I'm an orange moon and I shine so bright, 'Cause I reflect the light of my sun, ooh, I praise the day, he turned my way, And smiled at me; He, gets to smile and I get to be orange, da da da do dee

How good it is, how good it is
How good it is, how good it is
How good it is, how good it is
How good he is, how God he is
How good it is, how good it is
How good it is, how God he is
How good it is, how good it is
How good he is, how God he is
How good it is, how good it is” 


The Confusion Surrounding Angel Numbers & Astrology

There’s a lot of confusion as to why some people see numbers (aka angel numbers or spiritual numbers) popping up often and why others don’t experience these synchronize. I did a video on astrology and the bible check that out. It talks about the verses listed in the Bible  about occult matters and much more. There is a verse in the American King James Version & New King James Version Bible in Deuteronomy 4:19 which states:  "And take heed, just in case you lift your eyes to heaven, and when you see the sun, the moon, and the stars, all the host of heaven, you feel driven to worship them and serve them, which the LORD your God has given to all the peoples under the whole heaven as a heritage." At the very end of my video I wanted to show a clip from Dr. Phil but due to copyright issues YT wouldn’t allow me. So here’s an actual clip here from Dr. Phil about a Frat Boy who states how he heard voices and had nightmares. These voices told him to do things and he ended up killing a married couple after being triggered at a restaurant. In astrology, some indication of these mental changes can be indicated by the 3rd house/ Gemini, Virgo/6th house, Scorpio/8th, Aquarius/11th house, and Pisces/12th house and those placements can be affecting (aka aspecting) the Moon, Mercury and maybe the Sun. These placements can be in one's natal chart and/or during a transit.

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What Was My Upbringing Like?

Now, I’ll be brief since there is so much about my upbringing that I’ll discuss in another video/ article. But I was raised in a house where my mom started off in her 20s as a young lady who wanted to explore life and didn't have time to be a fully engaged mother (but she did her best). My father lived outside the household, so he wasn’t present on a daily basis, but he was there financially. My mom lived a fast life and she could have lost her life many times by the lifestyle she was living. 
When my mom, who’s an Aquarius with a Gemini rising, found God in her 30s she became a radical religious person. She was so religious  (like most African American moms from the Baby Boomer generation and those women who have encountered so much despair in life).

But growing up she used to force my brother and me to attend church about 4 - 5 days a week for about 5 - 7 hours each day. Going to church was like a part-time job. There were even times she changed churches so much we ended up having to go to a church that was 2 - 3 hours away from our home. She would make us read with her every night this book called the “Divine Relations of Hell” and how we would go to hell if we did any of the things listed in that book. 
She would scream out in the street as we were walking “God blessed them or I Rebuke the Devil” when we crossed drug dealers, gang bangers, gay people or anyone who she thought was not of God or who she thought was a sinner. <So, this is why I call her a radical religious person, although she has recently calmed down. Thank God!>.

I would watch my mom experience hurt from church people; from meeting fake prophets to manipulative and money-hungry pastors. I would see my mom pour out her heart  to God and Jesus in her closet asking for help. I would see her crying asking God and Jesus to help her understand things and etc.  Even to this day my mom is still confused about a lot of things even the things she prayed so much about when we were children. But through all her struggles, disappointments, broken relationships, and confusion she remains faithful to her religion and goes to church often. Now, don’t think I’m dogging my mom out, as this is NOT the case. This is my upbringing and what I encountered as a child which had and still has an effect on me as an adult. I’m just giving you my true story! I love my mom and I want the best for her, I want her to expand her thinking so she can truly heal herself and become free. 

So as a result of what I saw my mother endure in life as I was a child, I was born with a Pisces Moon. Which I’ll briefly describe, a Pisces Moon can mean your mom was either into drugs, having a mental break down and/or a mom who is a religious or spiritual being). I experienced both sides of the spectrum growing up. This is also how I know astrology is REAL! I have not only gotten confirmations through my own chart but through other charts I have analyzed. I also experienced another side of religion (a more relaxed side) when I visited my father’s house on the weekends. I will have to discuss that another time. 

Overall, growing up, I was a shy, emotional, imaginative and creative kid due to my Moon and other placements in my chart. I daydreamed all the time and had vivid dreams. 

So as an adult, I still carry a lot of these traits. I started seeing numbers and encountering different animals when I experienced a 12th house Moon transit (and during this time was when I started my YT channel and was having my 2nd child). I’ll talk about a few transits a person can experience when encountering these number and animal synchronizes a little later in the article. 

But please know when I post videos talking about angel numbers (aka spiritual numbers) I am actually experiencing the things I mention in the videos. I'm not just going off what other content creators are saying. This is also why I try my best to display illustrations and videos of my spiritual encounters.

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How Can Numerology and Astrology Help You? How Did It Help Me?

I want to talk a little more about numerology and astrology and the meaning of these two marvelous methods (since both can reveal truths about yourself and the things you need to work on.) Which in my opinion, is no different from seeking help from a social worker or a psychologist. (Of course, despite the length of education one MUST obtain when receiving those titles I just listed).
 I’ve worked in the mental health industry for over 10 years on and off. I’m aware that every mental health issue varies, but I have personally experienced a nervous breakdown, around the time of my Saturn Return. I went to mental health counseling to try to help me figure out why I was going through the issues I was experiencing and no one could give me solid answers. I had the doctors do a scan of my brain because I thought I had a tumor and I wanted a new brain. They discovered nothing, everything looked normal.  I went to church and prayed about it, I read my bible, I cried out to God and Jesus constantly, and still no answer. I got no clear solutions but only suggestions to: relax, have faith, and just pray. 

Now just imagine if you are feeling and/or know that something is not right with you. You know your chemistry is off and it's bothering you, yet you get the following response from a doctor, counselor or etc.: 

"I'm not sure why you feel pain. It could be linked to X, Y or Z, but from what I can see, there’s nothing wrong with you."

I had to realize that I must 1st change my mindset, seek knowledge that will benefit me, and find out who I really was deep down inside. When I discovered the deeper meanings of astrology and numerology in my early 30s,  I started to understand myself. I started to understand why others acted the way they did. It lifted so much weight off of me. My own family didn’t know I was dyslexic or had major anxiety issues, but all of these things are written in my birth chart.

Contrary to my positive story of how I feel astrology helped me, there can be other people who discover astrology and become upset. Those people can start to question “why did God make my chart like this? I didn’t want or deserve this life. I’m cursed it will never change if it’s written in my chart.” And what I want to say to anyone who this thinks like this is, everything is in its own timing. See the ego can make us want things so badly, even when those things aren’t meant to help us develop fully. There are somethings in our charts that we can make better once we become aware of them. Remember “ What Doesn’t Take You Out, Makes You Sprout! ~ Eshay Francois (Stay Eshay)” 


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What is Numerology?

Numerology is the study of numbers and has been used for centuries just like astrology, to help understand a person’s personality. Both are also used as predictive tools, and typically understood by wise beings (which we all can become, we all have a genius trait inside of us). The letters in your name and date of birth are used to help generate a full numerology report. In numerology, each number 0-9 holds a vibration.  In the world there are numbers all around us, just put an address into Google Map and you will get a numerical breakdown called latitude and longitude of that exact location.


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What is Astrology?

Astrology deals with observing and studying the movements of the planets and making calculations related to the aspects those plants and stars make in order to determine the energies they have on us and future events. Astrology is considered to be mathematical because it has a scientific element about it. The science of mathematics is about quantity, space, and abstract structures. Nowadays, the birth chart can be simply calculated, back in the day philosophers and astrologers had to calculate the birth chart using mathematical equations manually. In the decades to come, everyone will be able to interpret their own charts which is what the Ancient Greeks, particularly Pythagoras (the philosopher who discovered the cosmos using mathematics back in the 6 century B.C. times) wanted. 

There are spiritual energies displayed in astrology, which I’ll briefly go over: they are represented by the Jupiter/9th house, Neptune/12th house, Pluto/8th house, and Uranus/11th house. With the energy of Neptune/Pisces/12th house holding strong confusion energy.

Other areas in a person's astrology chart that can reveal the reason why you are seeing numbers and animals. I’ll do a more detailed video on this another day, but you can also check out my blog below for updates. Also, check out the healing remedies I have listed below for this energy. In your natal chart, it's important to look at your  North Node return, your Jupiter return, your YOD placement (aka. The Finger of God). "The YOD is the name of the tenth letter in the Hebrew alphabet and is said to be the essence of life and the power of the spirit to govern and guide matters of the material world. It’s like the direction God is pointing you to go in.

During a transit and/or natally, a person can have the following aspects and placements which can also dictate these synchronicities and other phenomena. Neptune at 0 or 29 degrees, Neptune aspecting Moon, Moon in Gemini 8th house, 9th house or 12th house. Mercury in 12th house, Moon/Pluto aspect, North node/Jupiter aspect, Jupiter Midheaven aspect, Neptune /Midheaven aspect, Midheaven/Uranus, South Node/North Node aspect, Chiron/Neptune aspect, and Mercury/Sun aspect just to name a few. Also Neptune has been in Pisces since 2012 and will be there until March 2025. This placement is something we all are experiencing on a collective level so this too can explain why more people are experiencing spiritual synchronizes.


Are Angel Numbers or Spiritual Numbers Evil?

What I’ve noticed is that when others can’t understand a process or anything they tend to put it in the category of evil. With all the murder, racism, sexism, sickness, and chaos going on in the world why would our concern be so strongly on if numbers are evil? Especially, if they are presenting positive, motivational, and uplifting messages. I would understand it, if the numbers were bad, and saying evil things. But how are these numbers any different from Tony Robbins or Joel Osteen or Oprah Winfrey giving a motivational speech? We as a human race can place a meaning on anything, in fact, this is how we developed language and words. At the end of the day, angel numbers aren’t changing my beliefs (it starts with the mind). I know in my heart there is a God, a Higher Force who recreated me, you, and the cosmos. My belief is strong, but again one must have a strong state of mind and not allow manipulation to come in. Manipulation can come in from any angles in our lives, from entities we see and those we do not. If I’ve prayed to God and ask him to protect me and my family and show me the truths then just because someone else hasn’t experienced the same spiritual journey as myself doesn’t mean I’m evil or a bad person. Everyone’s evolution is different and once we as a human race first began to love ourselves, the higher divine (aka God because humans love labels), and each other only then can we can truly evolve. So, let me ask a beautiful soul out there this question: What power does God hold? What type of miracles does God reveal to us? And how do you know, how can you prove it when spirituality is so mystical?  

Of course, we must use common sense, if you feel something isn’t right or it’s trying to distract your focus or make you do something that you know is wrong then clearly that’s a bad entity. Review my remedies below for assistance but if this is the case for you then work on your 3rd eye chakra.
Also, if you are into mystery thriller movies check out the number 23 movie with comedian Jim Carrey. Descriptions for the movie: “A man's (Jim Carrey) discovery of an obscure book about the number 23 leads him on a descent into darkness. As he becomes more obsessed with its contents, he becomes more convinced that it is, in fact, based on his life. To his horror, he discovers grave consequences in store for the book's main character.“ So, remember to never become obsessed over anything. 

  23 movie Jim Carey

Where Do Animal Totems Derive From?

As I have shown in many of my animal encounter videos, that animals also have meaning to them. Animal Totems originated from the Native American cultures and tradition of hunting and gathering. The spiritual beliefs associated with having animal spirit guides stem from the idea that humans have a kinship or a spiritual relationship with spirit animals. Everything as a origin even works, so do we dislike words because they are from Greek origin or Latin origin? 


What is a Spiritual Being and a Religion Being?

We must be real with ourselves, we all fall down at some point in life, we all make mistakes but does this mean we CANT CHANGE and become better human beings? And no there are no terms titled ‘angel numbers’ listed in the Bible. There are a plethora of other things that we in the 21st century go through and is not listed in the Bible. But do people ask why are “slaves” listed in the Bible? Does anyone question, how Jesus can be from Bethlehem which part of Palestine, and the official language of those from that country is: Arabic. Bethlehem is near Jerusalem and Jerusalem is between Africa and the Middle East (take a look at the map and images below).  So please any beautiful soul out there can you tell me why there’s no melanin in the various illustrations of Jesus? See, I think those questions are too perplexing to discuss or answer. So how about we spread some love instead of separation and division? And that’s the true difference between being a spiritual being vs a religious one.

 Bethlehem is near Jerusalem

map of Jerusalem


Israel people images
African people


 Possible Healing Remedies for this Energy:

1) Chakras Healing Set (helps balance each chakra):

2) 3rd Eye Chakra Healing Crystals:

3) Release Anxiety and Stress Tincture:

4) Tincture Wild Rose (Feel Joy) -

5) Boost, Mood and Sleep Support:

6) Conscious & Self Love Apparel:

7) Eshay Astro Tea (Calming & Sleep Aid):

8) Nightmare Oil:

9) CBD Pain Relief Cream (Get Cashback using Rakuten):

10) Hypnosis for self-healing (anxiety/depression):

11) Increase Intuition / Psychic Connection:



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