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Are Converse Chuck Taylors a Great Wedding Shoe?

Posted by Eshay Francois on

  DIY Materials

*Safety 1st Disposable Face Masks:
*Craft Safety Gloves:
*White Ribbon:
*Blank Red Converse Shoes you can get off if you download Rakuten when you purchase converse from here:
*Red Crystals (assorted sizes - need about 5 quantity):
*Black Crystals:

 The DIY Step by Step Video:

History of Converse 

You are reading this article maybe because you are getting married and want to know how comfortable or fashionable Chuck Taylors are for your big day! Maybe you just want to know if it’s cool to wear an old vintage style/ laid back sneaker to such an elegant upscale event like a wedding? Well you landed on the right website. Converse Chuck Taylor All Stars as we know are considered classic sneakers which have been in existence since the 1920s. Back than Converse shoes were considered Athletic Sport shoes primarily wore by athletes, but oh BABY have times changed.  Converse All-Stars were worn in the First USA Olympic Basketball Game and Americans won the first of seven consecutive gold medals wearing them. Chuck Taylors became so popular in the 90s that in 1997 about 550 Million pairs of Converse All-Stars were mass produced (wow what an accomplishment). The popularity of Chuck Taylors hit the Hip Hop music seen when it surfaced in the 90s.  I can remember Snoop Dogg wearing a pair of Chucks in his 90s Gin & Juice Music Video.


Snoop Dogg wearing a pair of Chucks in his Gin & Juice Music VideoChuck Taylors Made Famous

Other celebrities have been spotted wearing Chuck Taylors too such as Miley Cyrus, Kid Cudi, Nick Jonas, Kristen Stewart, Lebron James and many more!!!

 A List Celebrities Wearing the Converse Chuck Taylor All-Star

Now in the past 10 years women are welcoming the relax pair of kicks to their WEDDINGS. Brides and Grooms are getting their plain Jane kicks customized by personalizing them for their big day. We at Eshays have designed so many Blinged Out Bedazzled Converses for wives to be, that we made it our business to write this article.


Wedding Brides Love Converse

We think brides in particular love the white canvas shoes because they can add white pearls to them or white lace elements or Swarovski Crystals (man the ideas are so endless). When these various elements/designs are added to the Converse sneakers it takes the shoe to a completely different level. It also doesn’t hurt that the shoes are extremely comfortable. Women not only want to look fly (a.k.a. beautiful) on their special day BUT they want and NEED to be comfortable. So to answer this question YES, YES, YES Converse Chuck Taylors are a perfect Wedding Shoe. 

Wedding Custom Converse




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