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❤ Virgo - Virgo Compatibility 😍 & Differences – Venus in Libra ✨ Jada and August ✚

Posted by Ayesha Miller on

Virgo - Virgo Compatibility 😍 & Differences – Venus in Libra Jada and August


Let me quickly talk about August and Jada since their little love affair is what sparked this idea. Now everyone welcomes loves and shows love differently in their relationship (even in a marriage). So, if the Smiths (Will & Jada) have an open relationship that’s their business. But I do believe August and Jada had or have a stronger sexual chemistry with each other than Jada and Will do. So as most of us know Virgos are ruled by the planet Mercury which rules the mind, communication and mental states.

When it comes to compatibility two Virgos dating can be a good thing no matter if you have hear of the myth that two signs shouldn’t or couldn’t date each other, it’s totally not true. Now so perks of two Virgos dating is that they can have some great analytical and intellectual conversations. The bad thing is they may argue over whose right or who’s smarter.

Another good things, which I mentioned earlier about Jada and August is that the sex can be the boom. Mainly due to the nature of the Virgo wanting to please their partner so if both partners aren’t slacking then this makes so powerful sex. But they have to remember to keep sex interesting, maybe include some mind games or something where they use their brains during sex (shit I don’t know be creative). As mutable signs they can adjust to many situations and they both can depend on each other. The thing about Virgo is they can hold on to a relationship even if it’s clearly no longer working, so they have to know when it’s time to part ways. Now back to Jada and August, so in astrology the planet Venus represents the way we love, our romantic relationships and even seduction. For a man Venus shows the type of partner he will want to make love to, not necessarily marry and with August he may like aggressive sex although they both have Venus in Libra (Jada has it in an Aries angle) so this can be some intense freaky loving. Now for women Mars reps the type of man she’s sexually attracted to. Jada have Mars in Aquarius at a Pisces angle so she can fall for smart and eccentric men who need saving and this is another indication that their sex was on a spiritual level.

So both Jada and August have Venus in Libra, with Venus in Libra these people want peace and harmony in their relationships. Venus in Libra shows someone who’s attracted to social status, entertainment, beauty, arts and the finer things in life and they can want their partner to have these traits as well. These people love luxurious gifts and can be the giver or receiver of these things.

I talked about the Virgo Decan 1 and 3 on my IG page so if you want to know about that energy check my page out. I’ll have to do a detailed video on those later.

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  • But have you every wondered why all Virgos are different? Those who are into astrology know that a person's Moon and Ascendant plays a huge role in how someone acts. ➤ ➤ Now let's look at the differences between these two ♍️. @augustalsina falls under Virgo Decan 1: Which has a stronger Virgo energy than any of the other Virgo decans, so they are strong seekers of freedom, self-sufficiency and expression of wholeness). They can be obsessive when things are out of order. The Virgo-Virgo in love is romantic, devoted and has a great sensitivity toward a lover; sexually they can connect on a spiritual level.
  • & @jadapinkettsmith falls under ♍️ Decan 3: Which holds a Taurus/Venus energy , being super practical (worriers) and will push through anything to succeed. They can tolerant a lot of bull shit in both their career & relationships as there's a strong need to serve or be of service. Even sexually they can enjoy serving their partners.


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