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Twin Flame Connection 11:11 ~ How I Reunited with My Soulmate

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I am going to tell you how I met my 11:11 twin flame, by using numerology and astrology but **To skip my personal story if you watching the video to get to the specific Astrology details then fwd to: 15:21 .

If you want to learn more about 1,11, 111, 1111 Spiritual Meaning check my detailed video.

Relationships grow and expand to the degree that both individuals know themselves. Intimacy is very important to most people since we all need some form of love and we can also learn more about ourselves through these bonds. Dating taught me a lot, I kissed a lot of frogs before my prince came. My dating relationships were mostly dysfunctional, filled with lies, aggression, and manipulation just to name a few things. Before I meant my husband, the universe was teaching me to love myself and become aware of my flaws (not saying I’m perfect now but I truly transformed.) I used to except verbal abuse and cheating especially if he was fine, and this became a cycle from man to man. Without an individual commitment to self-development, relationships risk of being built on co-dependency, rather than respect and love.

During the time Art and I met it was online in year 2011, this was my #1 personal year (look out for videos on your personal years) but this 1 year is all about new beginnings and entering the next phase in your life. This was also considered a universal 4 year which is all about stability and becoming grounded. So back to the story Art and I conversed a few times over the phone, then maybe 4 days after texting and talking over the phone he told me that he was dating someone and he couldn’t continue talking to me since it wouldn’t be right to pursue two relationships. I was sure if I should of respected his honesty or be upset for not stating this in the very beginning. But overall I was pissed; I felt like a cycle was just repeating itself and I just didn’t understand. I was an amazing catch and why could I find someone who knew what they wanted without the games? So, I cursed him out and moved on with my life (this is reflective of my Uranus in 3rd house- which means it’s hard for me to hold my tongue when I get fed up).

Then about 2 months passed, and I get a text out the blue saying hey sorry about the confusion but I want to take you out for dinner sometime and talk to you more about what happened because I am no longer with that girl. He said she was crazy and for some reason I stayed on his mind, he claimed he had a dream about me and he knew we were supposed to be together. At the time it all sound like GAME to me, so I told him that was wasn’t sloppy seconds and if I feel hungry one day and want to be bothered I’ll contact him.  I think I ended up contacting him towards the end of 2011 because I needed help me moving. At this time I was dating and getting to know other people and there was 1 other guy I was platonic with who was also helping me move.

Yes! I had both guys help me move, I couldn’t afford movers and at that time I considered them causal friends. It was so crazy how at this time, I actually had two possible romantic options … because both guys were actually good men. As time slowly progressed the other guy started pressuring me to commit to a relationship, I guess since he saw I had options and he got a little nervous.  So, he started taking me out more on dates and he told me that he liked me and wanted to make it serious. He wanted me to meet his parents and be official. BUT I just didn’t feel it in my heart to move so fast and I didn’t like him pressuring me. I also felt I was a little more compatible with Art (my now husband).  So, I politely told the other guy that I could not rush the relationship and to give me time. Well he didn’t want to wait so he moved on. I didn’t want to hurt his feelings because I knew he liked me but my Venus in 10th house was attracted to Art more. And again I don’t like to be pressured into anything. I’ve always been attracted to men who were mentally stimulating, who were hard-workers with a stable career and Art had these attributes.  

Later when I looked into astrology to see what was going on in the skies back then, there were a few transits that actually brought Art and myself together. During this time Art was experience a transit which indicated we would become more serious. He had Saturn transiting Venus which is a perfect time to establish a serious and committed relationship with a like-minded person. He also had Pluto transiting Venus.

And during this very same time Uranus was transiting my Venus which indicates this relationship was a surprise to me, yet it was going to be very exciting. And this was true especially since I didn’t think I would see him again after he told me about that other girl.  At the end of the day I two choices and I made the best choice every. I ended marrying a man who respects me, loves me at my worst, and we explore the world together.

I wasn’t into astrology back then, so I had no idea my husband name equaled an 11 and then when I changed my name it also equals an 11. WOW how destined is that? The number 11 represents transformation, luck, artistic creations and the master teacher. In love the mirrored 11s represent identical souls of the twin flames, who are reuniting in this life to explore a deeper love, openness, and adventure.

You see ladies getting married can change your life in more than 1 way especially if you change your name).

When I do readings, I like to combine numerology with astrology and as you can see they don’t lie. So, if you want to quickly find out what Your and future partner’s Name Number is click the link below:

I hope this video helped you, I tried to give to a few methods to use to find your Soul Mate/ Twin Flame 1111 BUT it’s a little deeper than that and if you need some help inbox me. Good Luck!

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