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Which Healing Crystal is Toxic? The Truth Revealed !

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Check out my Youtube video at Eshay Astro on this topic.  

My Story of Using Fluorite Crystal

 Recently, I sprained my leg like around Sept. 9, 2020, which is actually when the Mars Retrograde started, so for everyone, this is a time to not overdo things, no matter what it is whether its workout or etc. look in the house to see where this retrograde can be affecting you. This is a time of steady pace because there can be delays, accidents and anger going on and Mars will be retrograde from the time of this video until Nov. 13, 2020.

Now back to my story, I felt like I was working-out in my normal way on Sept 8th but what was weird was a spider came down from its web as I was on the treadmill (like it was trying to tell me to stop walking, I was at 50 mins at that time walking and I was about to keep on going).  What I think happened is that I didn’t properly stretch after my workout and I over did it. Then on the 9th y'all when I say my leg was in extreme pain, I couldn't even lift it. I started drinking some holistic teas (I'll leave below) and rubbing my leg with witch hazel and I was still in pain although it slightly got better. And since I'm now selling crystals and other spiritual/ healing remedies on my website I decided to use this green fluorite crystal for the 1st time, to help with my pain.

 The Strength of a 12th house Transit

So, on Sept 12, 2020, I cleansed my crystal necklace for 7 minutes underwater, and put the necklace on as I went to bed. Before I fell deep to sleep I moved the crystals towards my leg and said a mantra for healing and as I slept, I repeated this in my mind. I slept so good that the next day a neighbor asked my husband if he heard the police chase that happened on our street where it was a loud sirens and even helicopter chase, and when we looked at our ring camera to confirm, we did see a police chasing a car very quickly, but I’m telling this story to say how well I slept, I was in such a deep sleep, where I couldn’t hear anything which is very rare for me. But I must say that I’m experiencing a 12th house transit in both my secondary progressed chart and solar return chart so anyone experiencing these transits may experience stronger healing abilities and can even be connected to other realms. So you definitely want to keep yourself grounded and spiritually protected. This is a good time to do hypnosis, especially if you have been thinking about it, because your subconscious mind is more open. I have listed a few suggested audio hypnosis below, I will be starting my weight loss hypnosis this week and I’ll give a review later.

Do Crystals Really Heal?

When I woke up on Sept. 13, 2020, the pain was gone. If y'all don't believe me, my husband can confirm this since he saw the pain that I was in, it was so bad I was crying. I couldn't even take my child down the stairs. I was so shocked my leg was healed after 5 days of extreme pain from only 1 night of using this crystal. So I decided to do more research on this crystal and I discovered that the fluorite stone is one of the harmful crystals on the market. It made me think well how could something that helped heal me, be so harmful?

Fluorite Properties 

Let me talk a little bit about fluorite, and its healing properties. Fluorite comes in many colors from clear, blue, violet, yellow, pink, green and multi-color. Fluorite's place of origin is in China. Fluorite healing benefits are to absorb negative energy, to bring mental clarity, it calms the mind & body, and promotes compassion. The green fluorite, the one I had healing benefits is for the heart and throat chakra. It brings focus, concentration, strengthens bone tissue and alleviates arthritis, spinal injuries, and any inflammation and pain in the joints, muscles, or fibrous tissue.

The Truth Behind the Harmful Fluorite Mineral

From my studies according to Mining technology located in New York, which is a creditable source, states Fluorite can lead to a severe bone disease called skeletal fluorosis. The minerals in fluorite can also be found in crystals including iron, coal, and copper. More than 10 million people in parts of China are affected by this skeletal disorder due to coal mining in the region. Fluorite is used in ornaments, in the production of certain glasses, microscopic and telescopic lenses, and enamel which is a semitransparent glassy substance applied to metallic or other hard surfaces as a protective coating.

For other potentially harmful minerals check out my detailed video below on the top crystals that can cause harm. And I'm sure as the years progress we may find more information or other minerals that cause harm. I think it's important to be informed before destruction happens and if you don't believe that minerals or certain elements can cause harm just like, some minerals can heal, then check out the article below on toxic minerals in makeup and look at the video below. So what I hope you get from this video is to do your own thorough research before using a crystal and watch the length of time you are using your crystals. I have also listed alternative healing methods and crystals to help with pain if interested.


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