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3 Top Signs You Are Chosen One by God! I Almost Died 5xs

Posted by Eshay Francois on

Check out my video on this topic below. 

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How Do You Know You Are Chosen by God?

How Do You Know You Are the Chosen One by God?

So before I get into the top one reasons you know you are divinely protected by God (the Divine/Universe) which involves my story of how I almost died 5xs, I want to give the other top reasons first.

Number 3 Creative ideas naturally flow through you and you can bring them to life.

Number 2 is that you are wise beyond your age. Growing up people may have told you that you were mature or an old soul. It’s like you sort of knew things that other people old and young didn’t know. You are the type of person who can learn from others' mistakes, instead of constantly bumping your head due to ego issues. You are a good observer and you listen closely while appropriately analyzing the situation. 

Number 1 – You constantly go through transformative situations that could have broken you, but you find the strength to stand strong and still have faith. So my story: I have quite a few Pluto aspects in my chart and regrade planets so you can check out my already posted videos on those topics but these energies can bring major transformations. And for someone to encounter death over 3xs, there must be a message that that person has to give to the world. Every life is precious and everyone has a purpose here on Earth, but just imagine if you encountered death 5xs or more in your life how devastating and scary that can be. Things like that can affect a person on a psychological basis. Let me get into my conscious memory of the 5xs I've almost died and I say consciously because there could have been other times where death was knocking on the door and I wasn't aware.

  • When I had an asthma attack at age 8.
  • When my mom was caught up in the fast life of partying & house got shot up at age 10.
  • When I also drowned on a family trip in Mississippi.
  • When my husband and I got into a bad car accident in 2013.
  • After giving birth to my baby boy this year in March and they left the placenta (I had a blood transfusion)-lost over 500ml of blood.



Conclusion of Being the Chosen One

So as you can see from my video that God can give us signs in so many ways from very small signs to the more drastic signs (like almost dying 5xs – which is connected to Pluto, Scorpio, and 8th house energies in astrology). But the signs that God/Universe gives, is for us to pay close attention to. Ask yourself these questions: What habits do you need to evaluate and improve upon? What addictions need to be broken and released? How can you seek help without blaming others for your problems? How can you be more honest with yourself? Ultimately how can you find out more about thyself?

God gives us signs through numbers, music, and even the celestial bodies that God created. Astrology can tell us a lot about ourselves and the energies that we need to change if applicable. The things that happen to us here on Earth can be very painful, scary, and even confusing but when we are able to be more conscious then we are able to see that there’s a reason for everything. Believe me, I have cried many nights and wondered why I was betrayed so many times and etc. But as I became more aware of my life purpose and mission I then understood what God's plan was over my life. No one can tell you what route you should take to reach God’s consciousness as that’s a spiritual journey that can differ for everyone. See I found my spiritual awakening through astrology, psychology, philosophy, and numerology. So what will YOUR journey be? 


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