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The Numerology of 2020 : The Universal Year & Personal Year 1-9

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Now let’s talk about your personal year. For those who don’t know what a personal year it, it’s similar to your life path that it’s based on the 9-year cycle and it gives you more details into how a particular year will go for you and the type of things to avoid or pursue. The Universal Year number gives everyone in the world an idea of the energies we all will feel. Your personal year starts on your birthday just like the solar return in astrology, although some numerologist say it starts at the beginning of the year. If the number of your personal year is the same as your life path, this should be a defining year for you.

Let’s quickly calculate a personal year:

You take your birthday (excluding the year) but replace your birth year with the current year you want to forecast. For example:

Lisa was born Dec 22, 1988 and she wants to forecast year 2020 to see her personal year. She calculates:

12+21+2020= 2053

2+0+5+3= 10

1+0= 1

This means in year 2020 it will be a personal year 1 for you.


The universal 4 years are pretty serious and want all of us to sort out the practicalities in our life. Look very closing at the things that need more stability and create a list of questions on how you can fulfill this. An example of a question would be: How secure do I feel within my life? How can I organize make my life better? How would these changes ultimate change my life?

Those with personal year 1 in a Universal year 4 this is a new beginning for you, like a clean slate. Whatever new project you start this year please know you will have to work for it, since 4 is all about the hard-work (it’s the worker bee) but you can accomplish a lot if you stay realistic. So, anything you undertake during this time can have a lasting effect on your future. Don’t forget to be thorough and read through all legal contracts, get a lawyer if needed. Overall work and your career will be at the front of your mind and you will be confident, but make sure not to overdo it as it can cause health problems.

Those with personal year 2 in a Universal year 4 this is a year of patience although your will be the urge to work harder and longer. You will find out that all that hard work can be overlooked or unrewarded but don’t let that affect you (we all go through it at some time in the cycle). If you have a project you wanted to start this is a perfect time to write down your ideas, gather all the information for the next year coming up. Overall learning new mediation routines will be helpful for any conflict or confusion that will come up this year. Remember the turtle wins the race so be patient. <I have plenty of mediation, affirmation and ritual guidance videos on my Channel under the category ‘Rituals’ – check them out>.

Those with personal year 3 in a Universal year 4 this is a year of social networking. You can have a spark to you this year where you can more creative and communicative. All these things are great for business and to boast your personal life if looking for new friends or a relationship. If you are starting a new project this year the earthy energies are good to build solid partnerships but please remember to take on only what you can honestly complete and ask for help through those partnerships. Overall building stability in all areas is going to be time consuming but worth it especially in the love area, it will bring joy.

Those with personal year 4 in a Universal year 4 this is a year of strong alignment for you. Any time your personal year (which are the energies you will feel personally in this year) and Universal year (which are overall energies and theme everyone will feel that year) then this means you will not only feel the energy of that number stronger than anyone else, but you are in alignment with the Universe. The universe will give you lots of energy to endure all that will come your way this year. Your determination and drive will be on fire so use it wisely. If you have been wanting to lose weight or gain a new job this is the time to put in the time. You can and probably will accomplish so much this year but remember to remain patient. We know how you want things to constantly flow in the stable direction but don’t forget to give yourself some tender love and care; shit you truly deserve it my friend. Luck is on your side.  

Those with personal year 5 in a Universal year 4 this is a year of seeking freedom, the energy of the planet Uranus. I advise those experiencing this placement to also review their Uranus placement in astrology to get a better understanding of the unexpected changes that can come in your life. You will want to view the house it’s in and the aspects to Uranus. But any way back to numerology, although it’s important to seek change and freedom, during this time you must have a solid plan in place before any sudden decisions are made. Overall, when you are able to be flexible and adapt to the unpredictable things that will come up this year, you are moving closer to the freedom you seek. Remember even when you reach the desired freedom you seek, you must always maintain a healthy balance.

Those with personal year 6 in a Universal year 4 this is a year of working hard towards family matters or personal affairs. If you are considering marriage during this time, the universe will give you energy to complete all the task that comes with wedding planning, family issues and etc. Getting married or establishing a serious relationship during this time will have a better chance of longevity. But remember even though you have a new burst of energy don’t devote it all to other people’s problems, save some energy for yourself.

Those with personal year 7 in a Universal year 4 this is a year of working towards improving yourself and your inner soul’s needs. Have you been neglecting your spiritual side? Well with the 4 energy you will feel the need to research more, to learn more, to expand yourself overall. This is a good time to find the deeper truths out, maybe things you have wanting to discover the meaning of but didn’t have the energy to do so. Overall, this is a good time to go with the flow, set your intentions, be open minded and let the mysteries unfold.  

Those with personal year 8 in a Universal year 4 this is a year of learning to control all things that are thrown your way. Learning how to balance your time, money and need to control things is going to be important. If you have already been thinking about putting a project into place and have a detailed plan established than this is the time to set it in motion. This can be a profitable year for you as long as you don’t miss the details and put in the work.

Those with personal year 9 in a Universal year 4 this is a year of relaxing and going with the flow. This may be a hard year due to the need to do something, but the blockages you face can cause insecurities. In astrology 9 is about religion, travel and higher learner. So, this can be a great time to indulge in some of those activities. Overall, you will have to be flexible, study the law of flexibility to get a better understanding of how to live and release.

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