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The Falcon Animal Totem Meaning

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As I was trying home on 8/12/2019 which equals 23. Check out my 23 numerology video but this number has a very personal meaning to me. So, see the falcon on this day was defiantly a message from my angels. The falcon I saw looked like this and it was flying very low. During this I was a little perplexed about somethings. And the Falcon may appear in your life when you are in deep thought about an obstacle or challenge and you need a solid solution. The falcon symbolizes protection and rising above life challenges. The falcon is a very wise animal just like the owl. From a biblical perspective the tamed falcon symbolizes the Christian changes, with him/her pursuing a huge dream, aspiration or thought with courage. When you see the falcon ask yourself these following questions: what am I trying to accomplish? How can I reach my goal? Do I need a team to help me with this goal? What is the deadline if applicable? Then thoroughly reach the answers to those questions as they relate to your goal and come up with a solid plan. If the falcon is your spirit animal, this means you are quite intuitive and wise. You are able to focus your mind on a project for long periods of time. You may have a fiery nature about you maybe you have heavy fire energy in your natal chart or maybe your sun sign is a Leo, Sagittarius or Aries. This powerful bird awakens visionary power and leads you to your life purpose. Ultimately, this is the time to focus on your goals and develop strategies to bring them into reality. The falcon will lead you to success and victory.


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