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Testimony for Restless & Weary Souls | What’s Yours

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Great Blog with Inspirations & Where I Got This Testimony:

Great Pastor Who Speaks of What’s to Come:

Perfect Song Cause God Will Always Fight for Us: Video


Share Your Testimony With Us! 

I wanted to start an interactive segment where people can send me their testimonies (in writing) to me and I will tell your story on this platform. Just send the name you want, me to shout out, your testimony of how Christ saved you, showed his grace, etc. If you want to send 1 or 2 pics of yourself along with your story, I can showcase those as well. My goal is to show others (believers and non-believers) the power of Christ and how his grace saves. Our testimonies also prove that God is still working in the modern times and how he saves all groups of people. 

Send all requested information to Once testimonies roll in I hope to do 1 video/article every other week on the ‘Testimonies of Jesus Grace' if time permits. 

Today I want to give a testimony from an inspired story sent to me via email from Please feel free to sign up to Pastor Joseph Prince email list so you can receive daily prayers and other inspirations. 

(John 5:22 -23) NIV "22Moreover, the Father judges no one, but has entrusted all judgment to the Son, 23that all may honor the Son just as they honor the Father. Whoever does not honor the Son does not honor the Father, who sent him."

Testimony for Restless & Weary Souls

 This second testimony come from Joseph Prince daily grace inspirations email that I receive daily. If you also want to receive these email click here

"I love this testimony from Nadia in South Africa that showcases the amazing grace that Jesus brings. This is the undeserved, unearned, and unmerited favor of God that leads to rest, joy, and true success for the weary soul:

Three years ago, I had a high-powered career with plenty of financial resources and a wonderful family. The flip side was constant exhaustion from a ridiculous schedule, guilt from not spending time with my young son and husband, and stress from trying to balance it all on my own. On top of everything, I had been taught that Jesus expected a perfect performance from me in order for His blessings to flow in my life. I was burned out and very deficient in many areas of my life, including joy.

As I read one of Pastor Prince’s books and listened to his CDs, I began to see how Jesus paid the price for my sins to give me His righteousness and freedom, and that it was His will for me to live an abundant life, full to the brim and overflowing. Very gently, Jesus began to move me away from the “success” that was making me so unhappy.

My husband and I made plans to change our circumstances so that I could be with my children on a more permanent basis. Despite the financial implications for our family, Jesus gave me such a shalom-peace about our decision. So I left my high-powered, financially stable job to begin my own consultancy. Jesus was amazing in providing for us throughout the year, not just financially, but also in quality time. I had time to draw infinitely closer to Him, time for my family, and even time for my hobbies, which included finishing the writing of my first novel.

However, being still involved with corporate life through my consultancy, I struggled to walk in the peace that Jesus promised us. The old habits I’d formed with regards to stress and worry still intruded into the new space Jesus had provided for me. Then, unexpectedly, the doors in my business began to close. Confused and uncertain, I felt as though I was in the middle of a hurricane as I tried to open the doors that would lead me deeper into corporate consulting. But through Pastor Prince’s sermon, “The Key of David—God Opens Doors That No One Can Shut,” Jesus reassured me that He was in control, and that I could trust Him because He loves me.

I stand in awe of Jesus because He has closed doors that weren’t good for me and opened doors beyond my grandest dreams. He opened the door to having my book published by one of the biggest international publishing houses in the world. In just five months, Jesus turned my situation around, giving me a new career in which I can reach and inspire many more people than I would ever have dreamed possible. He has provided me with family time and time to be with Him. I know from His Word that He will bring me good success. I now wake up looking forward to the day with such joy and expectation of His goodness—not because of anything I have done, but all because of Him!

When I look back on the journey Jesus has brought me through, I can see His grace at every turn. Jesus is so kind, magnificent, and altogether lovely! He has delivered me into a truly rich and bountiful life that is full of His joy and abundance!"

God can show his grace in so many ways to all us, beautiful souls. It can be small and/or big, so please feel free to share your story with us and the world. May the Lord bless you all and ~ Stay Eshay

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