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I Almost Died | Testimony of Jesus Grace | What’s Yours?

Posted by Stay Eshay on

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Share Your Testimony With Us! 

I wanted to start an interactive segment where people can send me their testimonies (in writing) to me and I will tell your story on this platform. Just send the name you want, me to shout out, your testimony of how Christ saved you, showed his grace, etc. If you want to send 1 or 2 pics of yourself along with your story, I can showcase those as well. My goal is to show others (believers and non-believers) the power of Christ and how his grace saves. Our testimonies also prove that God is still working in the modern times and how he saves all groups of people. 

Send all requested information to I hope to do 1 video every other week on the ‘Testimonies of Jesus Grace' if time permits. 

Most of you may have discovered my testimony of how God helped me see the lies of the occult, but I have quite a few times where the Lord showed his grace on me.

(John 5:22 -23) NIV "22Moreover, the Father judges no one, but has entrusted all judgment to the Son, 23that all may honor the Son just as they honor the Father. Whoever does not honor the Son does not honor the Father, who sent him."

My Testimony of How I Almost Died 6xs

There are a few times in our lives where we unknowingly could have died but there are some people who have actually experienced close to death situations. Some people don't realize that when you die, you don't come back and if you believe in a higher creator then that creator says in his word (the Bible) where your souls goes. Therefore, you will be judged accordingly. So there were about 6 times that death came knocking on the door for me. 


1) When I was about 6 years old I was eating breakfast and out of nowhere I started gasping for air. I couldn’t breathe because I was having an asthma attack. My mother rushed me to the emergency room and all I can remember is tubes up my nose.

2) When I was about 8 or 9 years old, my mother around this time was heavy into partying and living a fast life. Sometimes she couldn't find someone to watch me so I would go to various places with her and some of those places weren't that nice from drug houses to party houses. One day she took me to a place with her, where there was a large roach infestation. These roaches were crawling all over me. She heard me complaining about the insects and told me she was going to drop me off at home or over my granny's house. My mom went back to the party house after dropping me off and I heard her say the next day on the phone. That she and her friend had to run up in the attic because the house they were in was a drug dealer's house, this drug dealer had enemies who wanted to get back at him. They drove by the house and shot through the windows. If I was sitting in that chair, which was by the window, I would have died at 8 years old.

3) I was about 10 years old when I went on a family trip. As all the kids my cousins played by the pool, a couple of us decided to get in the pool. I got in the pool, even though I didn't know how to swim. I started to get comfortable in the pool, so I began to float in the water. As I floated with my head up to the sky and my eyes closed I didn't notice my cousins got out of the pool and started doing their own thing. And in the process, I shifted over to the deep end of the pool. When I tried to put my feet down to the base of the pool I panicked after realizing it was no longer there. Then I went under the water, I was able to come up for one breathe and I screamed help someone. My cousin heard me and jumped in to rescue me.  

4) When I was living a fast life in my 20s, which consisted of me using my sexuality to get money as a stripper. I got back at a customer who was popping off at the mouth about me and other dancers. I thought at that time that 'a eye for an eye' was acceptable. The customer kept putting all his money in my face and making fun of me and the dancers. He was trying to use his thousands to make us feel bad. So my payback was to take his money. I can't even remember how I stole his money, but it was by the grace of God that he didn't come back and shoot up the place. Living the fast life kills a lot of people and I'm so grateful that the Lord saw beyond all my crazy behavior.

5) My boyfriend, who's my husband now was driving on the expressway when I crazy driver jumped in front of us. This cause our vehicle to swerved and as a result hit the side railing. When we hit the side rail it pushed us into moving traffic, we hit a car and almost hit a pole. 

6) In the year 2020 about 5 days after giving birth to my 2nd child, my primary OBGYN left a piece of the placenta inside me. During this time I was into the occult and the only person I could call on was Christ. I prayed to God as I sat there waiting for the doctor and losing over 500 ml of blood. I wondered how would my husband be able to raise my children by himself. I cried thinking about my son's growing up without their mother. 

In all of these close-to-death situations, except the ones when I was under 12 years old, I could have died and gone straight to hell. Since I would have died as a backslider who lost my way in this thing we call life. God showed grace over my life many times and I am forever grateful. When you have gone through as much trauma as me, I would be foolish not to acknowledge and give praise to God. 

God can show his grace in so many ways to all us, beautiful souls. It can be small and/or big, so please feel free to share your story with us and the world. May the Lord bless you all, until next time~ Stay Eshay

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