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Squirrel Symbolism & Meaning | Squirrel Spirit Animal Totem

Posted by Lisa Smith on

Squirrel Spirit Animal 

 As most of us know spirit animals are messengers to us during various stages of our life. These animals can speak to what we are going through merely by describing their own personalities. Now just because you see an animal doesn't mean that animal is your animal guide it can just mean that animal exhibits the traits you are exhibiting at that moment so play close attention. The squirrel I saw was gray and brown and it was acting weird. It was standing still for about 30 seconds in the street like on the side of my car as I was driving. I wasn't going to record it until I notice it standing so still like a statute, but I had to get something. Here's a clip.

 Now if you are seeing a squirrel spirit animal it can mean a few things and as we know everything has a shadow and light side. So, the light side of seeing a squirrel totem is that it's showing you how hard of a worker you have been, that you are a good multi-tasker who can balance work, family, and a personal life. And since squirrels are known to be great hunters who can store food for long periods of time, you can be the type of person who saves material things (2nd house matters in astrology - such as food, possessions, and money).

 You can be the type of person who looks at life as their playground, so you are willing to accept whatever comes your way. When you communicate it's in an effective and authentic manner that can draw a lot of people to you. (I'll talk about possible careers for people who hold this energy a little later). But you are definitely the type of leader that sets trends and others follow. You are confident enough in yourself to keep it real not caring too much what the haters say because you know people going to talk anyway. You are completely free with yourself.

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Shadow Side of the Squirrel Animal Totem


The negative side is you can hoard items so much that we become a burden by all the extra and useless items. You can also be working too much and not allowing fun to come in (very similar to angel number 722 since working too much can cause a burn out (if this is you please take time for yourself and have fun and relax). 

Another trait is you can become so overwhelmed with your daily task, life, and/or information that you are stuck. You can have a scatterbrain, not sure what to do as information is coming to you too fast. You can be unsure of what direction to take. 


Astro-numerology  Meaning of the Squirrel Totem 

Seeing a squirrel can mean that you may be confused about things in your life and can have a scattered brain (where thoughts quickly pop up constantly and it's hard to stay focused). In astrology, this energy aligns with Gemini and Virgo, but particularly Gemini Moon, Gemini Rising, Gemini Sun, Mercury in 1st house/Aries, Moon in Virgo/6th house, Venus Gemini /3rd house. Also, having a lot of air placements (such as Aquarius/11th, Gemini/3rd, Libra/7th can cause indecisiveness and scattered thinking). In numerology, this energy is linked to numerology 3, 5 and 9. If you haven't gotten a numerology reading yet you can get one for about $10 the link is below. It will even give you 3 to 6 months of predictions for your future while also describing your life purpose.


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Spiritual & Holistic Healing Remedies 

I have multiple holistic remedies listed below for this overall energy, but to help heal this scattered energy then spiritually you will need to work on your 3rd Eye Chakra (healing stones). If your creative energy is blocked, you will need to work on your Sacral Chakra. Also, if your confidence and energy are low, then work on your Solar Plexus Chakra. Always remember to stop and breathe and to write things down if you feel overwhelmed with any task. 


The Spiritual Meaning of Squirrel Spirit Animal

You can always call on the squirrel, your angels, and/or the Divine for help. Spiritually your guides are happy that you are living life with a purpose and you are fulfilling or close to reaching your life's goal. God wants you to know your hard work is not overlooked. Your angels and God recommend that you keep a positive attitude and set your positive intentions. All your prayers, positive affirmations and visualizations are working in your favor and will soon manifest in the physical. Don't be afraid to take risks especially after thorough research and continue to bring light into every situation that comes your way.

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The Careers Linked to Squirrel Totem

If you feel you exhibit the characteristic of the squirrel then you can be a great business, healer, journalist, reporter, artist, designer, blogger, writer, photographer, teacher, inventor, and/or actor. Truly the career choice can be endless once you developed enough trust in yourself and the Divine. Once you fully connect with who you are and build your inner intuitive gifts and discover that your past struggles have made you stronger than you can do almost anything.


The Ultimate Message of the Squirrel Animal Totem

Lastly, the message that the animal guide known as the squirrel brings is that you are near the end of a cycle and that you can develop strong intuition and spirituality that can transform your existence and others in the world. You are a natural humanitarian, but you must be grounded enough to see these gifts and possibilities. Once you have truly discovered who you are, have become more empathetic, compassionate, and have developed a stronger faith. Then, you are able to overcome all challenges and obstacles that come your way. You will be set free and will be considered a master of your life and destiny. 


Possible Healing Remedies for this Energy 

1. 3rd Eye Stone (overcoming stress, worry, & anxiety):

2. Chakras Healer Set (helps balance each chakra):

3. Sacral Chakra (reduce stress & quiet the mind):

4. Solar Plexus Chakra <build confidence>:

5. Eshay Astro Intention White Sage Spray w Prayer:

6. Calm your mind & relax (sleep aid):

7. Squirrel Apparel by Eshay Francois: , ,

8. Fun things to do at home: &

9. Just relax CBD Bath Bomb: & CBD Gummies:

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